Bound Series

The Bound books are a YA/New Adult fantasy/paranormal romance series. The stories are woven together with a mix of real history, urban legend, and pure fiction. Despite the fact angels and demons both play a role in this series, it is not religious or faith-based. Those looking for that will only find disappointment in these pages.

Bound by Time (Book 1)

available in paperback, e-book, and audio

It’s her destiny to break the seal and his to keep her alive…

On break from college, Isobel is looking forward to making her own decisions while her parents are overseas. When she returns home, she discovers it’s no longer the welcoming place it used be and the ancient window her parents installed is more than just a beautiful piece of history.

Isobel has locked away the strange power that wells inside of her, terrified of what might happen if she acknowledges it. She dreams of places she’s never been and times she was never alive to see. As her dreams grow more intense and things spiral out of control, Isobel begins to question her sanity. Desperate for answers, she may have to open herself to the power that’s waiting inside of her in order to find them.

Damien is ancient, even for a dark angel, and he knows the demon who hunts Isabel is a formidable foe; he’s watched the battle play out too many times before. Haunted by past failures, he’s determined to keep Isobel alive as she unravels a past that spans centuries and prepares to face the demon that wants her dead.

Bound by Legend (book 2)

available in paperback, e-book, and audio

 To escape the demons, she’ll have to tear down the walls of her heart… 

At nineteen Morgan has already faced more loss than she can handle and has more experience living on the street than she wants. Unable to do anything other than keep on the move in order to hide from the demons that hunt her, she guards her heart and emotions carefully. But when the demons start talking to her and calling her by a name from another life, things spiral beyond her control.

Lucian, an ancient dark angel who has seen his fair share of lives, is happy being a free agent until he’s assigned to Morgan. Determined to do everything on her own, she’s unlike any channel he’s ever met.

As the danger mounts and a demon prepares to open a gateway to the underworld, Morgan must find a way to overcome her past in order stop him. Offered what her heart desperately wants, and holding a key that will close the gate but open another, Morgan struggles find the strength to make the right choice.

9 thoughts on “Bound Series

    • There will be. I have quite the traffic jam in my head of books needing to be written. I’m trying to unjam (<—- is too a word, Spellcheck, because I said so) them as we speak.


  1. I have fallen in love with this series. I love the characters, especially Lucien and Lucy. Who wouldn’t love Lucy, she is awesome (I have five dogs). I find this world captivating, and the second book earned 5 stars from me, which I don’t give often anymore. I seem to be waiting eagerly for the third book, since there is a newly freed demon, a sister to meet, and a rather intriguing hybrid to figure out. Bring it on, I hope your book jam has sorted itself out and it won’t be much longer.


    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’m working to get the last Raven Daughter book finished so I can begin on the third Bound book. Hopefully it won’t be long. I’m having to work more hours at my “normal” job, so that is slowing the writing down which is quite frustrating.


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