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5 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. First off I really loved reading your dragon’s call series and was really hoping for news of a fourth book or continuing series. I know you probably have a lot going on but would really enjoy feedback. Thank you and hope the best for you and your career.


  2. Looking for Book 3 of Dragon’s Call on Audible. Itching to continue the story. Any update on a release date for this. Thanks


    • As soon as I can find a narrator for it. Unfortunately the lady who did the first two is unable to narrate Ashes and I’m having trouble finding another who will take on epic fantasy. I’ve came close a couple of times but haven’t quite found what I’m looking for.


  3. LOVED YOUR BOOKS! Granted I’m not done lol I literally stayed up all night to read the embers of galdrilene. I’m on tears of war now. The only “complaint” if u will is that in the second book I had a hard time keeping up with characters it seems. You have so much going on and the names are all so foreign and a few are close alike it makes it hard to recall who’s who. Perhaps not make names so similar? Especially since u have SO many main characters (riders AND dragons plus others). Something to keep in mind 🙂 I love the bonds and everything. Your a great writer. I’m curious how kellinars bond will work out with 2 women. .. r they really gonna share him?.. and if not will Anvey b able to b with another guy? Guess I’ll find out . 0.o thank you for writing great books! Can’t wait to continue! Keep it up ^-^


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