USA Today Bestselling author, A.D. Trosper grew up moving around a lot, many times from state to state. Her favorite was western Washington where she truly felt connected to the land around her. It was, and still is, the place her soul calls home. The combination of the ocean and mountains, the forest and people, the culture and food, have always been her version of perfection, though she currently resides on the plains of central Kansas. While it doesn’t have the ocean or the mountains, she finds plenty of beauty in the wild storms and stunning skies.

During the many moves, she often found books, and the characters within them, were her most consistent companions. Nothing was quite like revisiting old friends among well-worn pages and tattered covers and reliving the adventures to be had within the words. Through her older brother, she was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons at an early age and developed a taste for magic and the fantastical. She created many stories in her imagination about the dragons that graced the front of the game books.

She developed a deep love of reading at a young age and while an eclectic reader who enjoys multiple genres, she has a soft spot for both magic and a good love story. Like her reading, her love of music ranges from classical to metal, depending on her mood. When not buried in a book, her favorite pastimes are hanging out with her husband, gaming with her kids, and cooking.

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