I grew up moving around a lot, many times from state to state. My favorite was western Washington. It was, and still is, the place my soul calls home. The combination of the ocean and mountains, the forest and people, the culture and food, have always been my version of perfection, though I currently reside on the plains of central Kansas. While it doesn’t have the ocean or the mountains, there is plenty of beauty in the wild storms and stunning skies.

During the many moves, I often found books, and the characters within them, were my most consistent companions. Nothing was quite like revisiting old friends among well-worn pages and tattered covers and reliving the adventures to be had within them. Especially when starting a new school. Since I wouldn’t have any friends yet, I would fall back on those in my books. Through my older brother, I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons at an early age and developed a taste for magic and the fantastical. I created many stories in my imagination about the dragons that graced the front of the game books. 

As a reader, I enjoy multiple genres, but I have a soft spot for magic, romance, and happily ever after. The real world has enough unhappy endings, I don’t want them in the books I read. The characters can go through all kinds of heartbreak, upheaval, life-altering and life-threatening situations, but in the end, it had better all work out.

My love of music ranges from classical to metal, depending on my mood and what I’m writing at the moment. I’m a hopeless romantic. I married young because I decided my husband was the one, so I hit him over the head with my club and hauled him off to my cave. Almost twenty-seven years and three kids later and I can honestly say he’s my soulmate.  I’m into gaming (both console and computer), gardening (vegetables and flowers), cooking, and I have a serious chicken addiction. Yes, you read that right. I adore my flock of chickens. They have names, quite a few of them can be pet and even picked up and snuggled. They are pets that happen to provide eggs which not only contribute to breakfast, but are also a necessary component of brownies. Beyond their inherently wonderful chickeness, how could I not adore the animal that directly contributes to the creation of fudge brownies?


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