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Readers have expressed interest in the music I write to, specifically the music I listened to while writing Dragons Call. So I created this page for that reason. Listed below are links to You Tube for the songs. This isn’t the whole list of songs, that would take up more space than Word Press would allow I think.


Old Pine by Ben Howard. This song reflects the deep friendships of the Guardians


Another Ben Howard song, Keep Your Head Up


Book of Secrets by Loreena McKennit, I listened to this entire album many times while writing Embers


Eppure Sentire by Elisa, Ivy. This song played while I wrote the scene in Embers where Emallya almost joins Rylin.

and here is the English version though I prefer the original version


Beautiful by 10 Years. This one seemed to fit Sadira


Paradise by Coldplay. This one played as wrote and discovered Kovan’s backstory, mostly because it represented his mother.


Black by Kari Kimmel played as I wrote and discovered more about Azurynn, who became one of my favorite characters.


What I’ve Done by Marie Digby played as I wrote the scene at the end of the battle of Trilene. It resonated with what Kellinar was feeling.


You Are Not Alone by Patty Griffin played while I wrote the beginning of Ashes, when Kellinar returns to Galdrilene


New Divide by Linkin Park


Running Up That Hill by Placebo


World on Fire by Les Friction, this played as the border fell


Throw off the Chains by zwieR.Z.


Into the Darkness by the Phantoms


I See Fire by Jasmine Thompson played as Ashes neared  the end


And for the last chapter of Ashes, I listened to Loved By The Sun by Jon Anderson both because it seemed to fit the scene and as a personal tribute to the movie, Legend which is what started the world of fantasy building in my mind many moons ago when I was a little girl.


And some of the non-lyric music I listened to throughout the writing of the Dragon’s Call trilogy, mainly E.S. Posthumus though I also listened to Matt Milne (can’t find any of his music on You Tube however if you are interested in seeking it, you can find it on Soundclick HERE )


E.S. Posthumus:



Moonlight Sonata


Unstoppable (this one was great during battle scenes)




And there you have a small collection of music off my extensive Dragon’s Call playlist. For this page I chose the songs that inspired and influenced the most.












4 thoughts on “Dragon’s Call Music

  1. “I See Fire” is an inspiration song for me as well, though I love Ed’s original version. It was what inspired the end climactic scene of Things Lost In The Fire 🙂 I also love how you have Placebo and Linkin Park on here!! Great list.


    • Thanks! Jasmine’s version of “I See Fire” resonated with me, and with my characters, more. And of course Linkin Park and Placebo are on there! How could they not be?


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