Raven Daughter

Raven Daughter is a New Adult, fantasy/paranormal romance series. It’s written in first person from the point of view of Jo. The death of her mother turns everything upside down and shows her nothing is what she thought it was. This is her story.

Unveiled (Book 1) – Available in e-book and paperback (audio coming soon)

Jo’s birthright may be her death sentence…

Being blood bound to Caius, a powerful and rather irritating demonborn, was never on my bucket list. Of course, neither was being a reaper or learning I’m not fully human.

In fact there are a lot things going on in my life now that weren’t on that list. Like almost having my immortal life cut short. Or finding out my unusual heritage may get me killed.

As if that wasn’t enough, it seems everyone around me is either keeping secrets, or wants to see me dead. Except Caius, who isn’t what I expected. He’s supposed to be my enemy. I’m supposed to hate him. But here I am, maybe falling for him instead.