Thank you for stopping by my website. Grab your favorite drink and take a look around. The links in the header often lead to drop down boxes, be sure to check them out. I write dragon fantasy, as well as YA Fantasy/Paranormal Romance. I’m currently working on three different series: Dragon’s Call, Raven Daughter, and Bound. I always answer comments, so please feel free to leave one

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 What’s New…

Unveiled, the first book in my Raven Daughter series is finished!

Work continues on Betrayed, the second book in the Raven Daughter series.

Work continues on Towers of Elandra, the 4th Dragon’s Call book.



Newest Release!

Unveiled, Raven Daughter Book One (available in paperback and ebook)

“There will be many hands against her, for almost as many reasons as there are hands.”

Thrust into a world she never knew existed, Jo discovers she’s anything but normal. She was born to be a reaper, but her father’s crimes have already stacked the deck against her and she must prove she deserves a place on that side of the veil.

When souls start disappearing from the rolls, she’s persuaded into making a decision that sends her away from her new home and into the company of the powerful and dangerous, Caius. It’s a journey that reveals the secrets of Jo’s full heritage. One that leaves her wondering who she can trust and struggling to stay alive.





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  1. Hey A.D.! Nice to meet you. Balancing life and writing, or rather, the writing life, is a challenge and it looks like you are rising to it. Well done. Also, thanks for stopping by The Brass Rag. Come back and see us again soon.Meanwhile, happy writing.

    • You have to wait no more. Tears of War is now available in audio format at Audible. Within the next couple of days, it will also be available through Amazon and iTunes 🙂

  2. I happened across your gmail page by accident……I was searching for other writers, and well I found your page. I am happy I did, and will have to give your book a read. Anyways, thank you for taking the time to make pages like this…..much appreciated.

    • I’m glad you stumbled across my page. Thank you for leaving a message. I have an actual website coming soon which this blog will be attached to. So there will be more to explore within the next couple of weeks or so. 🙂

  3. Thank you, I am glad as well. I look forward to your new page. Always good to see something new, and get a view from someone else as well. Have a great day!

  4. Ms Trosper

    I am so thankful for the Gaurdians books. They are everything I want in a fantasy series(and more) and as a father of a 3(2 years old, 11 months old, and a baby due in July) I am even more excited that they can read them as young adults.
    I just finished the second book and it was great. It was sad, but great. I have fallen in love w the characters and I am sure my kids will too.
    The last battle scene was as painful a scene as I’ve read. Great work

    Yours truly

    David Darbonne
    450 W 7th St
    Tulsa, OK 74119

  5. I am 61 years old and have a constant worry that I will one day fail to wander into another author with the ability to spin a tale that makes me remember the young boy of 12 who first grabbed Tolkien from a library shelf. I am not a religious sort but I am convinced that you have been given a gift and I along with the rest of us readers are so lucky to have you.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I love creating worlds and the people who populate them (and the dragons of course), it’s wonderful when readers enjoy those worlds as much as I do. I hope you never stop wandering into authors that can spin tales that you love and I’m glad my story was one of those.

      May the Fates favor your day!


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