Myths, Magic, and Soulmates

Thank you for stopping by my website. Grab your favorite drink and take a look around. The links in the header often lead to drop down boxes, be sure to check them out. I write epic dragon fantasy, as well as fantasy/paranormal romance.

If you want a little bit of romance with your fantasy, then Dragon’s Call is for you because where there are romantic elements, they are not the main storyline or focus of the books. Riders and their dragons are the main focus.

If you are want a little bit of fantasy with your romance, then Raven Daughter or Bound is for you because where there are a lot of fantasy things going on, the main focus is on the couples in the books.  

 What’s New…

Chosen, the third book in my Raven Daughter series is now available!

All of my books are available on all platforms!

Available Now!

Chosen, Raven Daughter book three is now available on all platforms!

I’m fully bound to Caius and I don’t regret it. I carry more than his blood within me and I don’t regret that either.

 Although we found safety, we can’t hide because souls aren’t the only thing at stake anymore and time is running out as we race toward the dagger and whatever future comes after.  

The veils themselves are weakening. Everyone knows my secret. Old wounds are forcing me to stop and face them. And now, I have more to fight for than the Lost. I’ve never had so much lose.


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