Myths, Magic, and Soulmates

Thank you for stopping by my website. Grab your favorite drink and take a look around. The links in the header often lead to drop down boxes, be sure to check them out. I write epic dragon fantasy, as well as urban fantasy and fantasy romance.


 What’s New…

I’m working on a new series. It’s only in the very beginning stages so no idea when it will be ready. Also working on a couple of other books as time allows. And working on a special edition omnibus of my Raven Daughter series. Right now my primary focus is my family so my writing is coming along more slowly. But, it is coming along and that’s the best I can do right now.


Click the image to join! When will it come? Who knows? Not me. What will be in it? Cover reveals, release dates, snippets, random stuff, maybe a recipe, a book by another author…pretty much whatever wanders into my head when my squirrel brain remembers I have a newsletter.