Dragon’s Call Shorts

Here you will find shorts that come after Ashes and Spirits.  I will add them as I write them. They are in PDF format and you are free to download them to your computer to enjoy at your leisure. If you have not finished the trilogy of books, do NOT read these unless you want information revealed that may spoil the books for you. Don’t worry, these shorts aren’t going anywhere so take your time and enjoy the books first.

Forgotten Meeting

Things Change

27 thoughts on “Dragon’s Call Shorts

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      • You’re working on a fourth book?! I’m so excited! I discovered the series a year and a half ago and I’ve reread it twice already. It’s my absolute favorite!


        • Yep! I have another series I’m putting out first. I spent so much time in the Dragon’s Call world that other ideas kinda of piled up and created a bit of a traffic jam in my head. So one I clear these out, I can get to work on the 4th book. And the collection of short stories that will span the twenty year time gap between the end of Ashes and its epilogue. I should have the series I’m working on completed by the end of December and then I can devote all of my writing time to the next Dragon’s Call books.


  3. I love this book series. I read a lot of fantasy and sci-fi and I have to say, this series easily makes my top five. There are very few books that I have read that have been as emotionally moving as these. You almost feel as if you know the characters on a personal level. I really like how its told from so many perspectives and how its set up in a way that there is plenty of room for continuation. I can’t wait for more.


  4. Loved the series. One of the few I’ve ever re-read. Enjoyed the two shorts.

    It’s Christmas time and I’m asking Santa for a few more shorts and maybe a 4th installment.

    Any updates for us fans of the ride you’ve taken us on?


    • I’m currently working on the 4th book in between other projects. The reason for that is I spent so many years in the Dragon’s Call world, that I had a traffic jam of other stories in my head, so I need to clear them out so I can truly focus on the 4th book.

      What characters would you like to see a short about?


  5. Personally, I’m really curious about what becomes of Azurynn and Marek. Especially after your epilogue and the short you’ve provided. Maybe Lenya?

    Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. You’ve proven that anything you create for this storyline will be enjoyable.

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    • You will get see what becomes of them in the 4th book. Once I finish the book I’m currently working on, my writing time will be devoted to Dragon’s Call. I should have another short available in the next couple of weeks.


  6. I stumbled across your books through Kindle Unlimited, and I blew through them all in 3 weeks! Fantastic series! It reminds me of Dragonriders of Pern with unforgettable characters, especially the dragons! I love, love, love this series! I cannot wait until you finish the next book!


  7. Hi! I really loved your dragons call series, is the fourth book (prologue) the new beginnings the final end of the series? If not I’m super hyped when you can post the continuation of the series 😀


    • A New Beginning is not the last book. It was more of an exploration of the beginning of Emallya. There will be a fourth book that pics up where there epilogue in Ashes left off, however I don’t have a release date for that yet.


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