Dragon’s Call

Dragons Call is the classic tale of good vs evil, of magic, and of dragons and their riders.

Dragon Tears
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Embers at Galdrilene -Dragon’s Call book 1

available in paperback, e-book, and audio

“A ray of light, a stain of shadow, shall endure to breathe life and death into the future”  

The war between the Guardians and the Shadow Riders ended in total devastation. The final battle killed all the dragons and left nothing but fields of ash. A small clutch of dragon eggs was all that remained to provide hope for the future.

Five hundred years later, the ability to use magic is a death sentence and dragons are remembered as a curse. But the unhatched dragons sing for their riders…and six lives will be changed forever.

The elements of magic are drawn together as the dragons’ call leads them on a journey where they learn everything they’ve been taught to believe about magic and dragons is wrong. When an evil from the past rises again, and Shadow Dragons ride the dawn once more, they will risk everything to save a future none of them thought possible.

Tears of War – Dragon’s Call book 2

available in paperback, e-book, and audio

“Old things come again and new things surface.”  

Faced with a looming war, the riders have no choice but to leave the safety of Galdrilene and reach out to the nations for help. But the Shadow Riders are doing the same and not all nations are opposed to their rule.

New discoveries are made, old wounds are reopened and betrayal hides among welcoming smiles.

As one nation begins to unravel it’s clear that some choices, even those made with the best of intentions, can have devastating consequences.

Ashes and Spirits Dragon’s Call book 3

available in paperback, e-book, and audio

“The incomplete weave breeds the darkness…”

Presented with impossible odds, the Guardians struggle to hold against the Shadow Riders. While enemies from within are discovered and allegiances are formed, the losses mount.

As the war escalates, one Guardian may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save all.

A New Beginning – Dragon’s Call short prequel

available in e-book

In the War of Fire, death often heralds a new beginning…


Dragons, magic, and war are commonplace for sixteen year old Emallya. Though she longs for the simple life of hearth and home, some things are not meant to be.

Her dreams for the future are changed in a single night when battle breaches the walls of her home, and she finds her true calling. The innocent hopes of youth are cast aside as Emallya steps forward into a future she never imagined for herself.

*This is a short story within the Dragon’s Call world and includes a bonus peek into Embers at Galdrilene, the first Dragon’s Call book. Get it FREE!

56 thoughts on “Dragon’s Call

  1. I just read Tears of War..When a book can reduce you to tears, and not just little water leakage but full blown, blow your nose blubbering you know it was something written well. As you can tell I really enjoyed this book, the problem I have now is being patient enough for the third.. I really have to wait till next summer?


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, even if it did make you cry. In all honesty, I cried my eyes out while writing it. And sadly, yes you have to wait until next summer for the third book. Even if it was finished now (which it isn’t, I’m still working on it), it would have to wait in line with my editor. 🙂


    • I very much enjoyed them too, I’m currently on the the heir of fire, book 3 from Sarah J Maas, and again the 4th book doesn’t come out till sept 15 but if you enjoy fantasy the way I do, sure you will fall for these aswell

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  2. WOW amazing, This is a beautiful story, are you sure you are not a mage yourself? Such emotions this book stirred in me. I felt the emotions the characters felt. I was enraged, sad, fearful. Wow again, it has been really good to read this story. I saw it several times on amazon but never gave it a second look. Now I can’t wait for the 2nd and 3rd book. I heard the book on audible, the reader is very very good and she gives your book additional life. Thank you. I see the 2nd book on amazon but not the audible version. when will it be available?


  3. This book is amazing I read a lot but this book really brought out my emotions I don’t cry a lot but I almost did when 4 of the big characters died in the last battle


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  5. Hi, I just stumbled on your work and was captivated by your covers – they’re fantastic! I had to click to see what your books were all about. They’re really well designed and eye catching (and let’s face it, what beats one dragon on a cover? More dragons!). I’ve downloaded a sample of book 1 onto my kindle and can’t wait to get reading past the first paragraphs. 🙂


  6. They did a fantastic job. 🙂 I’m indie-publishing my first book this summer and have just redesigned my book cover myself, so I’ve been on the lookout for lots of unfamiliar book covers to study to see what works (and I suppose what doesn’t, too!). I’m really glad that led me to your work! Really enjoying the first chapter so far. 🙂 Good luck with finishing book 3!


  7. Third book please! I really enjoyed reading/listening to your Dragon books and looking forward to the third book. I’ve been coming here to get updates for the release date. I shared your books to my friend and she loves it too.




  9. Well, well, well. Another disappointment in finding out that I have to wait this long to buy this book. She had earlier stated that the book would be published in later summer or early fall of 2014 and now it will be REALEASED late winter 2015? Kind of a lie if you ask me. Anyway just dropping buy to say that booms of minor writers should be released as soon as possible so that they can gain popularity and not lose interest of readers. For example I read a 15 book series that started a mere two years ago. Every single book held my interest and I t have to wait long for books. Another series I read released the first three books rapidly band they were all good. But then the fourth installment took a year and a half to be put on the market and sales went down dramatically. Just thought I should leave my two cents.


    • The best laid plans of mice and men…

      Sometimes it just doesn’t work out to have the book released when we wished. I could have released in late summer, however the story would have just been thrown together to meet a release date. I value my readers enough to push back a released date in order to give them the best story possible. And beyond that, I still could have released in late fall if I didn’t care about editing at all. I do care though and I have to give my editor the necessary time to do her work as well. I’m sorry if the first two books weren’t enough to hold your interest if you have to wait a little longer for the third. I am glad though that you seem to have plenty of other books to read, there are many great authors and books out there, so wonderful books to read and series’ to follow are not in short supply. I wish you much reading happiness in the future. For those that can wait; I appreciate your love of the books beyond anything I can properly convey and that is why it’s better to make you wait rather than sling an inferior book onto a publishing platform.


  10. While I understand the pain of waiting for books to get released it think waiting and getting a good book is better than get a 1/2 ass book fast. The first 2 books have been quite good and it would be very sad to see the quality go down for early release. Please take your time and give a worthy conclusion to this beautiful series. Will the audible version be released at the same time as the the print and e versions?


    • Unfortunately, the audio can’t be released as soon. It will go to my narrator soon after my editor is finished with it and then it will have to get in line behind any books she already has in queue. After that it will take a month or so for the full reading and checking of files and such before it can be released as an audio. Once it’s finished by my narrator and the files are approved by me, it has to go through a quality control check by Audible and that’s on their timeline not mine. I will have the audio out as soon after the release as possible.


      • The faster the better…. I do not have the ability to set a time to read and due to travels the audible options has becomes a great option to get the book read that I i want to read. Thank for a great set of books, I am glad to hear that another is in the works.


        • Unfortunately I don’t think I’m going to be able to use my previous narrator. I believe I have a new narrator selected however Ashes has to be worked into the schedule of books she already has lined up. So the audio is further out than I hoped it would be, though it will still release this year.


      • I am not sure about other mediums, but as far as kindle is concerned, there is an option to have the kindle read the book to you(if you don’t mind a bit robotic text) may be an option if you can’t wait for audio to come out.


  11. I just finished reading book 3. It was sooo worth the wait. I’m an avid reader so in between waiting for new books to be released I read many different stories. I do’nt see how one could lose interest if it takes awhile for the nextbook to be released. When book 3 was released I reread the first two and was just as hooked as I was the first time I read them. Thankyou for a beautiful story. I would like to know if you will continue the story line about Emmaleen and Maerk in the same series or in a new one. And if so will it start after the hatching or sooner?


    • I’m so glad you enjoyed Ashes! This book ended the first trilogy of Dragon’s Call. But, as you’ve noticed, I left a couple of doors open. There will be another set of books in the future that deals with Emmaleen, Merak, Kellinar’s son, Azurynn and the darkness Maleena saw in the strand. You will also find the original characters from Dragon’s Call in the story as well. It will be a while before the first book in the next set comes out, I have some characters for other, unrelated books that have been waiting for me to finish Ashes so I can turn my attention to them. That said, work on the next Dragon’s Call book has already begun in the form of story notes. As to where it will start, it will pick up shortly after the epilogue in Ashes.


  12. so glad to hear the story will continue, because I’m sure you could hear me shout out loud “no! You can’t just leave it like that!” I am somewhat obsessed with fantasy novels, all the better if dragons are involved. This series of books are among the best I have read, a great story that is so riveting and exciting and emotional. And, very importantly, you have taken the time and effort to ensure there are no distracting spelling or grammatical errors to break the spell you have woven. Thank you. I wait desperately to see what happens with the next generation of Guardians.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I deliberated on whether or not to include the epilogue because I wasn’t sure if it would upset readers to have that and then have to wait for the next book. So far the reception has been much like yours. Which is good. 🙂

      As a side note, my next newsletter which will be going out in a few days will have some information on Dragon’s Call in it. So make sure you sign up for the newsletter on my website.

      Oh, and have to give major props to my editor for her meticulous work.


  13. I am dying to read the next book! The series has just gotten better and better! I love the characters that are gray,not just black and white, you can’t expect everyone who goes through terrible personal tragedy and injustice to become a paragon of virtue.


  14. I just finished all three books, and all I can say is wow. What a great read. I just could not stop until I had finished them all. I hope there are more to come!!


    • Right now I’m still working on the 3rd book in my Raven Daughter series. My work schedule is making writing much slower these days, but I am still writing and still working to get to the 4th Dragon’s Call.


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