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An Eggsperiment

Last summer, our chickens went into egg laying overtime. We had one fridge completely full of cartons and several more cartons in another fridge. Eggs were everywhere. No sooner did we get some cleared out then more filled in the vacant spots. We had read they could be frozen for cooking. Deciding this was a … Continue reading

Disliking February

February is not my favorite month and this year its shaping up to my most disliked month ever.  It has always been my least creative month and right now it feels like a month of waiting. Waiting for spring, waiting for gardening, waiting for ACX to approve audio files, waiting for the cover for my … Continue reading

Why The Assumption About Geeks?

Today on Facebook I saw this pic with the “Caption this” prompt:   Most of the captions were things like, “Must be nice to still live at home.” “Still living in mom’s basement.” “Still living at home.” “The joys of still living at home.” Why? Why this assumption that if you are a geek or … Continue reading

A Touch of Spring

While those in the NE are getting pounded by winter, here in Kansas we enjoyed an 80 degree day. It was in the low 70’s yesterday and suppose to be in the 70’s again tomorrow. Three beautiful days of sunshine and warmth. Yes, it’s going to get chilly again and we even have a small … Continue reading

Winter Pros and Cons

So yeah, I am beyond sick of winter. I always am by the time the holiday season is over. All the pretty lights, big over the top dinners, and anticipation are over. All that is left is the flat gray sky, brown tree limbs and endless days of cold. In an effort to look at … Continue reading

If Human History Were TV Show

I found a funny but interesting meme on Facebook and shared it to my author page there. One of my author friends then posted a link to someone who wrote a tongue in cheek blog post about TV and World War II and how unbelievable it would be if it were a fictional show (or … Continue reading

War on Amazon? Why?

Quoted from the article: “It’s probably not a coincidence that many of the most strident anti-Amazon advocates are making millions (in Patterson’s case, hundreds of millions) of dollars within the publishing system as it currently exists. It’s simply human nature to believe that a system that has worked for me is a just system, a desirable system, the … Continue reading

Turkey Legs? I Don’t Think So

As you all know I recently attended the Great Plains Renaissance Festival. As per the usual ren fest food offerings, there were turkey legs which people carried around as they munched on them. And I wondered, why turkey legs? Well sure we all have the image of the pompous lord or king chowing down on … Continue reading