Raven Daughter News!

I’ve been asked quite a bit over the past year when the next Raven Daughter book was going to be out and I haven’t had an answer due to life getting all crazy and whatnot. But now, I finally have an answer for you. 

The release date for Chosen is March 31st, 2020. Not only has the release day been set, but the pre-order is up across all platforms!

I’m fully bound to Caius and I don’t regret it. I carry more than his blood within me and I don’t regret that either.

Although we found safety, we can’t hide because souls aren’t the only thing at stake anymore and time is running out as we race toward the dagger and whatever future comes after.

The veils themselves are weakening. Everyone knows my secret. Old wounds are forcing me to stop and face them. And now, I have more to fight for than the Lost. I’ve never had so much lose.

I clung to my sister. After everything I’d been through and seen since setting foot on the path to the dagger, her familiarity was beyond comforting. The hug she returned seemed stiff and formal. I ignored that and breathed in the faint vanilla scent that always accompanied her as a tear tracked its way down my cheek.

“Jo?” Victoria pried me loose and held me at arm’s length. Her brow wrinkled. “Since when are you demonstrative? You’re a mess! And you’re crying?”

I dashed away the tears with my hands and laughed. “I’m just happy to see you.”
“But you never cry.” Her blue eyes searched mine.

“A lot has changed since I saw you last.” I glanced at Caius as he greeted the dark-haired man and wariness flowed through me. Though they seemed happy to see each other, their reunion was far more reserved than my exuberant one. It took me a moment to realize the wariness was Caius’s and not mine. I studied the man I recognized from Caius’s memories, but couldn’t remember who he was. There had been a lot of memories.

Victoria followed my gaze. “He’s an Archangel.”

And then it clicked. I knew exactly who the man was.

Caius turned toward me. “Jo, I would like you to meet—”

“I know who he is.” I inclined my head briefly. “Samael.”

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