#SnippetSunday 10.04.2020

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s finally Halloween! Okay, not technically Halloween, but once October 1st arrives, it’s Halloween season around my place. Leaves are scattered everywhere, decorations are going up (around town as well as at my place) the harvest moon was gorgeous, the nights are crisp and chilly and it’s wonderfully beautiful and perfect. I love October.

We are back with another snippet from Unveiled, the first book in my Raven Daughter series which is available in ebook, audio, and paperback. I only have a few more that I’m going to do with from this book. 

We’ve jumped ahead again. Jo and Caius back on their journey. Jo and Caius find themselves soaking wet and joined by friends.

Caius extracted me from Rowen’s grasp. “Since the replenisher has done little for her, perhaps we should concentrate on getting food into her right now. A complete bond isn’t something we need to worry about. It will never happen.”

Rowen watched my shivering, his dark eyes troubled. “You are right.”

I wanted to ask about whatever prophecy he was talking about, but my chattering teeth prevented it.

“Come here,” Caius said with an exasperated sigh as he pulled me back against him, wrapping his arms and cloak around me, holding me tight.

“What are you doing?” I managed to get out as I tried to push away. The heat coming off his body, despite the fact he was wet too, was delicious.

“I’m the warmest thing here.” He tightened his arms, a rough edge to his voice when he said, “Just relax and accept the warmth before you freeze to death.”

I couldn’t argue with that. Still a little uncomfortable, I tried to do as he suggested and soak up his body heat. I let the back of my head rest against his solid chest. Wanting more of the warmth, I shifted until I could feel the heat of his legs on the back of mine. He was a demonborn, and yet I felt safe…cared for. It wasn’t something I was used to. I’d spent so much of my teenage years taking care of Mom, hiding my problems from her, that I’d forgotten what it was like.

It was silly to feel anything. I couldn’t…shouldn’t, have any feelings for Caius other than maybe friendship. Just because he saved my life—more than once—didn’t mean he would ever actually return any feelings. It didn’t mean that he would ever regard me as a friend in return, or as anything more than the reaper he was bound to. Ever feel anything more than obligation toward me.

And yet, for a few crazy moments, I let myself think that he was keeping me warm because he cared about me, and it had nothing to do with the bond. Then I pushed the errant thoughts away and tried to just take the offered warmth without hoping there was anything more to it.

The cocoon of his cloak wrapping around both of us started to feel cozy and my shivering eased. As I thawed, my eyes drifted shut and I was surprised to feel so tired. That must be why my mind was being ridiculous.

I did realize though, that somewhere along the way, I’d stopped hating him. And I was pretty sure he didn’t hate me either. We weren’t enemies anymore. We were allies now. It was even possible we were becoming friends. Friends was good, uncomplicated. I could be happy with friends.

Caius’s breath brushed past my ear as he said in a low voice, “When I said ‘relax’ I didn’t mean fall asleep standing up.”

I hope you enjoyed this snippet, feel free to leave a comment. Make sure you check out the #SnippetSunday Facebook group so you can read snippets by all the other authors on there. Maybe you will find your next great read, I know I’ve found a few since joining this.

I’m Jo and the death of my mother revealed a whole lot of secrets she was keeping. Like the fact that my sperm-donor father was a freaking angel who couldn’t keep it in his pants and slept with a woman he should never have been with. Or the fact I’m not mortal and would one day be a reaper of souls.

Reaping souls, now there is something I never dreamed I would do, but here I am doing just that. Or at least I was, until souls started becoming Lost. And that’s when things went south.

When I stupidly agreed to help discover what was causing the Lost without reading the fine print first. Now a lot of immortals would like to see me dead because of what I might become. To top it off, I ended up blood bound to a powerful half-demon who is supposed to be a reaper’s sworn enemy. Funny thing is he may be the only one I can trust.

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