#SnippetSunday 09.06.2020

Posting from Unveiled again this #SnippetSunday. It’s the first book in my Raven Daughter series and is available in ebook, paperback, and audio.


Last week we found Jo and Caius shifting into their bird forms in order to flee another attack by serans. This week we mostly we continue from there.

Holding my bird form was easier than I’d hoped it would be, but staying in the air was becoming more of a problem. Exhaustion seeped in around the edges of my mind. More than once I had to correct my flight path thanks to dozing off mid-soar.

Up ahead, a mountain stood guard over a small lake shimmering an impossible shade of brilliant blue in the morning light. Caius glided in wide circles as he descended toward it. I took a more direct route. It didn’t help. A few feet off the ground I lost the raven and fell the rest of the way, landing in a tangle of black cloak.

I laid there for a moment, trying to decide if I should be embarrassed then or if I should just roll over and go to sleep and be embarrassed later. My eyes slid shut. Later would work. A large wing brushed over me. A moment later Caius’s hand closed over my arm as he hauled me to my feet. “Get up.”

I blinked and looked around through blurry eyes then swayed, my eyes falling shut once more. “I’m up.”

With a curse, he put one arm around my waist and practically dragged me forward. Coherent thoughts evaded me as I stumbled along next to him. The last couple of days had certainly not been my best. I couldn’t even figure out where we were going. This must be the place where the Watcher lived, but all I saw were the lake and the mountain.

It wasn’t until we stood right in front of it that I finally noticed the finely crafted door in the side of the mountain, right at the base of it and only a few feet from the shore of the lake. It looked so much like a rock I wasn’t entirely certain it was a door until Caius knocked on it.

It opened without a sound and in the doorway stood an old woman. She scowled at Caius. “What are you doing here?”

“Looking for the Watcher. I must say, I’m surprised to find it’s you, Nadia.”

Caius didn’t sound surprised, he sounded irritated. If I wasn’t so tired my eyelids had fallen shut again, I would have checked his expression to be sure.

“You are not welcome here, Demonborn,” Nadia said.

“Maybe not.” Caius pushed me forward. “But she is.”

“Is that a Daughter of—” Nadia gasped.

“She is.”

I had no idea what they were talking about. Maybe my irresponsible father? My knees buckled and I sagged, barely catching myself.

“You have half killed her. Did you truly think bringing her to me in this condition would endear you to me?” Nadia’s voice was sharp.

If they would just let me sleep for a bit I would be okay. Well, and if they let me eat when I woke up.

“Don’t put this on me, old woman. I didn’t do this to her.”

“Not his fault,” I mumbled, unsure if it came out clearly.

“Bring her in and…”

The rest of Nadia’s words were lost as my head swam. I was vaguely aware of Caius catching me and then I was lying on something soft and narrow. Sleep wanted to drag me under; my memories of the seran wanted me to stay awake. I could admit it, I was afraid to fall asleep.

I sensed Caius moving away and reached out to grab his hand. Where was he going? I didn’t want to be alone. “Don’t go.”

“What?” He sounded irritated and I wished I could pry my eyes open long enough to see his face.

“Please.” It came out as a slurred murmur.

I heard a long sigh, then the sound of something dragging across the floor. His hand didn’t leave mine. “Sleep, Reaper. I’m not going anywhere.”

The old woman spoke, anger in her voice, “Caius, what is this?”

Caius didn’t answer her. Certain I was safe as long as he was nearby, I finally gave in to sleep.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet. Make sure you check out the #SnippetSunday Facebook group so you can reap snippets by all the other authors on there. Maybe you will find your next great read.


I’m Jo and the death of my mother revealed a whole lot of secrets she was keeping. Like the fact that my sperm-donor father was a freaking angel who couldn’t keep it in his pants and slept with a woman he should never have been with. Or the fact I’m not mortal and would one day be a reaper of souls.

Reaping souls, now there is something I never dreamed I would do, but here I am doing just that. Or at least I was, until souls started becoming Lost. And that’s when things went south.

When I stupidly agreed to help discover what was causing the Lost without reading the fine print first. Now a lot of immortals would like to see me dead because of what I might become. To top it off, I ended up blood bound to a powerful half-demon who is supposed to be a reaper’s sworn enemy. Funny thing is he may be the only one I can trust.

Grab it on AMAZON

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