Busy Summer

It’s been an incredibly busy summer around my place. Not only am I working full time outside the home, but I’ve also got a number of projects going on at home as well. Yes, one of those projects is writing. But, as much as I would love to just sit and write all day every day, with a family that isn’t possible nor is it the healthiest thing. Plus, I have other interests as well.

One of the biggest projects was the new chicken pen. It was time to move the older hens on and time to redo the chicken coop and pen. I’m not sure what was up with that last batch of hens, but for whatever reason, I just didn’t like them that much. Add on a coop and pen that had both seen much better days that were both difficult to work in and unpleasant to spend time in and I was ready for a complete revamp. Originally I thought maybe I would just be done with having chickens. I wasn’t fond of the hens I had or the set up, maybe I was just done.

Then my husband left the McMurray catalog on my desk…

One large, multi-breed chick order later and it was time to start planning the new coop and pen. Luckily I made my order on New Years Day and the chicks wouldn’t even be hatched and shipped until the last week of March, so we had time. We bought a new shed, had a new area prepared for it so it had a place to sit when it was delivered. My husband built a screen door for the shed so the solid door could be left open to aid in ventilation. I used greenhouse frames to create a 25×30 foot pen and covered the whole thing in 1/2 inch bird netting to keep the little wild birds out that had practically taken over my old coop and would eat a ton of the chicken food. Of course the netting wasn’t big enough to cover the whole thing in one piece, so that left seams which I sewed together with a darning needle and trout line.

The new batch of chickens has been completely different from the older hens. They are more like pets that lay eggs. I can even cuddle several of them. I just mesh with them. Not to worry though, the older ladies were not just sold down the road like yesterday’s garbage. I gave them to a friend who had chickens that can actually free range and they seem to be doing quite well there. I think they too were unhappy with the old coop and pen. I don’t blame them, it was dreadful.

In addition to that, there were all the flowers to plant, raised garden beds to work on (because the vegetable garden needed a face lift too, though that isn’t quite done yet), vegetables to plant and later to process. It’s been hectic, but mostly fun.

As this season slowly winds to close, here are some pics around my place from this summer.



Shortly after it was all done













Rory (white one) and Paris (Barred Rock)

Jo (not a raven but as close as I can get)

Pretty Marilynn




























Salsa in the making

Bread N Butter pickles in the making










Newest little foofy poofs that I kind of accidentally got a week or so ago

And of course, Sorsha, the Queen of Everything


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