A kitchen appliance isn’t a proper gift…wait…what?


Around this time of year I always start seeing the articles about how a kitchen appliance or some such isn’t a proper gift for the wife. That she should be given jewelry or whatever.

Well, as a wife, I have to disagree. I don’t need or want a bunch of expensive jewelry. I have some jewelry, none of which is expensive outside of my wedding ring. And even my wedding ring isn’t something that cost a thousand dollars. Not because my husband wouldn’t get it for me if I wanted (he would move the universe itself if I asked), but because I think it’s silly to spend that kind of money on a band of metal and a rock.

As  far as kitchen appliances and kitchen accessories, I adore getting them.  I love to cook, so having that new gadget I’ve been dreaming of, but won’t spend the money on, is absolutely wonderful. I like getting things that are useful.

And I’m likely the odd woman out when it comes to this, but if I was going to receive gifts that don’t have a practical purpose (like keeping my feet warm, doing something in the kitchen, keeping the rest of me warm and comfortable, or giving me a way to write more stuff down), then paperbacks would be my pick. Not that there aren’t other things I would enjoy getting, like food type gifts, or movies. But those things can be shared and enjoyed with others. Or even a renewal of my membership to my favorite game, or the in game currency. Granted, those last two don’t have an actual purpose and are a frivolous expenses, but they don’t require large quantities of money either and I game with my kids, so there is that.

But the articles that list spa days, expensive jewelry, manicure appt all set up, days planned out without the kids, concert tickets, ect, are baffling to me. First of all, I’m not a spa day kind of person. I don’t want a manicure because then I would end up with longer nails and it drives me batty when my nails get long enough to clack against the keyboard keys. Like nails on a chalkboard *shivers* to me. I’m an introverted hermit that would be quite happy if I didn’t have leave home more than once a month at most. Sadly, I do have to leave it more often than that, but the point is, I have no desire to go cram myself in with a bunch of other people just to hear someone sing. That’s what records and digital downloads are for.

As far as days without the kids, here’s something weird that it seems few will understand, my husband and I both actually enjoy spending time with our kids. They are great kids and are fun to be around. Not to mention, we get time to ourselves anyway because, well, we have great kids who will point out if they think it’s been too long since their parents have done something that was just the two of us. My older two are always happy to keep track of their younger brother for us so we can go do something together on those occasions, so no need to worry about a babysitter. Plus, my parents live with us, so Grandma is always close should their youngest brother decide he doesn’t have to listen. And Grandma is the baker of the cookies, no one wants to make Grandma mad at them because then she just might decide she isn’t baking any cookies.

So yeah, there is the weirdness that is me. Keep all the froofy jewelry/spa day crap away from me and give me something I can actually use (like the t-post puller I got one year, damn I love that thing) or enjoy with my family.


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