Do you like a bit of Fantasy mixed into your Paranormal Romance?


Betrayed released October 13th! It continues the story of the Raven Daughter series. If you like a bit of fantasy mixed into your paranormal romance, this is the series for you.



Sometimes the actions are worth the consequences…

I was never supposed to go to the Between. I was never supposed to fall in love with Caius. And yet, I’ve done both. Since stepping through that portal, I’ve done a lot of things I never thought I would.

Like coming face-to-face with a god. Or encountering the one person in all the worlds I didn’t want to meet. Or having a fairy floor me with just a few words and realizing things are a lot more complicated than just stopping the Lost.

Everything is changing, secrets are revealed, and something that shouldn’t even be possible has become reality. I never imagined any of this could happen. My imagination was clearly lacking.



The man stepped from the shadows and walked toward us. Or maybe he glided, it was so graceful. Black hair hung to his waist in a straight, shiny fall. Though Caius had always seemed perfection of the human form to me, this man could almost make Caius seem average. Almost.

When he came to a stop in front of us, his height held my attention. He had to be head and shoulders taller than Caius, which made me feel absolutely shrimpy. Caius inclined his head slightly. “Hades.”

I nearly choked and my heart rate jumped into a gallop. Hades? As in the Greek god, Hades? I couldn’t help the tremble that started in my knees and worked its way up my body. Sentinels and demons wanting me dead weren’t enough? Now I had a god after me too? If he wanted me dead, I was screwed. Not even Caius could defeat a god. Without realizing it, I had reached out and snagged a handful of the back of Caius’s shirt. I didn’t know why, only that I needed some connection to keep the sudden terror at bay.

In my fear, I had missed part of the conversation.

“…relax, Caius.  I’m not here to kill you.”

“Maybe not, but there are very few I trust these days.” Caius shifted, putting me behind his back a little more.

“Now, Caius, is that any way to behave with an old friend?” Hades said smoothly and moved to where he could see me better. My trembling increased under the weight of his black eyes. “I merely wanted to get a look at the one who has everything in chaos. Shame on you for hiding her heritage.”

I glanced up at Caius’s face. I could only see the side, but if the tension in his jaw was any indication, he wasn’t pleased to see Hades. I couldn’t blame him. I did envy his calm as he faced someone who could obliterate him. Or maybe he wasn’t completely calm, but he seemed more pissed than scared. I would take that too. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any anger in myself to latch on to. Only quivering fear. Then again, I was facing a kind of devil.

Hades expression became one of affront. “I am not a devil.”

I stared at him in shock. Could he read my mind?

“Yes, I can.” He glanced at Caius. “Does she really believe all of that forked tail and pitchfork stuff?”

“She was raised in the mortal world, with all of their stories.” Caius’s voice was still guarded as he moved his arm back to block me a little more. I place my other hand on the rock hard muscle of his forearm.

“Oh yes,” irritation flashed across Hades’s face, “those.”

He took in Caius’s stance and me tucked behind him and raised a perfect eyebrow. “Protective aren’t we?”

“We share a partial bond, what happens to her happens to me.”

“Except death.” Hades held up a finger. “That you would survive.”

A growl rumbled low in Caius’s chest and I could feel the vibration in his arm.

“Just a correction of your statement, nothing more.” Hades smirked and turned his attention back to me. “Such a little thing to cause so much trouble.”

Heat flared on Caius’s skin when Hades walked around him, reached toward me and hooked one of his long, perfectly manicured, nails under my chin, forcing me to look into his black eyes. I fell into them, drowning in their dark depths as they filled the world around me. My hand tightened on Caius’s arm until my nails dug into his skin.

“Enough.” Caius’s command was sharp.

Hades chuckled and suddenly the world was normal again. He gazed down at me with interest. “She’s fantastic. I can’t wait to see her grow into her powers.” He placed his finger against his lips as he regarded me. “I won’t even have to wait that long. Your blood is maturing her faster.”

Okay, terrified I may have been, but the way he continued to talk about me like I was a show dog was starting to irritate me. I welcomed the spark of anger that welled inside. It helped to balance the fear.


If you haven’t read the first book yet, click the button and grab it.



Jo’s birthright may be her death sentence…

Being blood bound to Caius, a powerful and rather irritating demonborn, was never on my bucket list. Of course, neither was being a reaper or learning I’m not fully human.

In fact there are a lot things going on in my life now that weren’t on that list. Like almost having my immortal life cut short. Or finding out my unusual heritage may get me killed. 

As if that wasn’t enough, it seems everyone around me is either keeping secrets, or wants to see me dead. Except Caius, who isn’t what I expected. He’s supposed to be my enemy. I’m supposed to hate him. But here I am, maybe falling for him instead.


What people are saying about Unveiled:

“A paranormal story between YA and NA, “Unveiled” is the first book in the Raven Daughter series and is full of adventure and quirky characters. Josephine is brave, determined, and prone to being unprepared, which leads to most of the immediate conflict. Caius is sexy and far from being a good match for Jo, which of course provides plenty of steam for their relationship to build on. The plot is interesting, the characters fun, and steady pace. For lovers of paranormal romance, “Unveiled” simply has too much going for it to ignore.” ~ InD’tale Magazine

“Trosper has managed to effortlessly weave together elements of various mythologies and use that setting to bring to life very real and complex characters.” ~Amazon Reviewer

“Trosper’s mix of angels, demons, and older gods is fun and fresh. If you love paranormal romances with a strong sense of snark and humanity, Unveiled should definitely be on your TBR list.” ~Stacy (Amazon Reviewer)

“The heroine is strong, though impulsive. The hero is unthreatened by her growing strength, and manages to be protective without denying her the space to fight her own battles. With an unseen enemy, many known enemies, deceptive superiors and only one person who hasn’t lied to her (i.e. The hero) there’s action, intrigue and a good blend of slower development and well paced danger. By the end you’re left breathlessly anticipating the next installment. I simply can’t wait to find out what happens next!” ~C. Jeffs (Amazon Reviewer)

“Unveiled is at parts humorous, suspenseful, romantic, and dark, all tied together to make a creative and unique paranormal fantasy. Lovers of paranormal romance will thoroughly enjoy the angsty desire between the two main characters. And on a fantasy level, the inventiveness of this tale is hard to beat!” ~American Daughter (Amazon Reviewer) 

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