Writing a Newsletter When You Know Nothing Jon Snow


I’ve had my newsletter for quite some time now. For the most part, I think I sent one out about twice a year, if that. Mainly because I really had no idea what to do with it. I tried asking other authors with newsletters and they were happy to tell me how they did theirs, and even to make suggestions for mine. Which truly was very kind of them.

The only problem? I’ve discovered it’s a lot like how you write a book. No one way works for everyone. Before I could come to any conclusion on how to handle mine, I had to stumble about like a moron for a while, subjecting my subscribers to whatever drivel fell out of my brain, and occasionally offering them something they might actually be interested in.

Today, I discovered the direction of my newsletters. I still won’t send them out every five seconds and cause people to spam me because I’ve annoyed the crap out of them. Hopefully they don’t do that anyway. But, I do have a direction for a monthly newsletter that will go out on the 9th-ish of every month. Likely between the 9th and 15th. I give a range of possible days for it to go out because my ability to put it together will depend on my schedule, the weather (which tried to shut down my newsletter making today), whether or not I’ve gotten so deeply involved in my writing that I’ve forgotten what day it is, or in the event asteroids, alien invasions, dragons eating my computer, you know, that sort of thing. Wow, could I have written a longer sentence?

Anyway, the direction I took it in, which feels really good by the way, was actually fun for me. The top has something about me or my books (unless I have nothing to say or share, in which case it can get right to the interesting stuff), followed by a promotion or giveaway of some such. The promo or giveaway will likely, more often than not,  be something another author needs a shout out for. After that is a book I especially liked, along with my review of said book. And last but not least (and one of the funnest parts for me), I’ve created 12 slots in which to offer up 12 books by 12 other authors.

Now, because I’m an eclectic reader, and already write in two genres with a couple more planned, so too is my newsletter. It isn’t geared toward any particular genre. The books featured with a review will be whatever I enjoyed. The 12 books in their slots, will be by whatever authors need a boost. So they will range from romance (and all its subgenres, except erotica), fantasy, sci-fi, thrillers, action, spys, mysteries, and what have you. There will be adult books and YA books. Not all of the books in there will be for sale or cheap. Where I may love a sale, in the end, I’m a reader not a shopper. A book’s value is so much more than a price tag and that will be reflected in my newsletter.

I hate showing off my own books because it feels conceited or whatever…yeah my brain is weird. But I love showing off the works of other authors.

So, do you want to see what’s up each month? Discover new authors? And possibly read whatever wanders into my head (I might thrown in the occasional flash fiction, or decide to add a recipe, my mind is slightly chaotic, so who knows)? Have you subscribed to my newsletter yet? If not you should. My newsletter has books, and books are good. Click HERE and sign up.

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