New Covers for Dragon’s Call

If you’ve been following my blog lately, you know I’ve left the designers that I used to use for covers, interiors, and editing and have gone my own way. I’m currently in the process of redoing all of my books to my own designs and how I want them to be. I did enlist the help of my friend (and great author) Katie Jennings for the covers of my Bound books and my Raven Daughter series. She created the covers I wanted but didn’t know how to do.

However, with my Dragon’s Call covers, I wanted to see if I could do them myself. I played with them for days before I discovered what I wanted for them. I’m a huge lover of the dragons on the old style D&D play books (from the 80’s), so I wanted the dragons on my cover to reflect that love. I wanted more colors, and imagery I felt fit the story better.

All of my older books (Dragon’s Call and the Bound series) are undergoing a re-edit. Once those are done, the new covers will go on. I already revealed the new Bound covers. Now it’s time to reveal the new Dragon’s Call covers. The new covers, with the redesigned, re-edited (no, the story isn’t changing, it’s just getting cleaned up) interiors should be available by late summer or early fall. I would do it sooner, but you can’t rush editing and I want my new editor to have the time she needs.





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