Busy Spring!

Spring has sprung at our place! Things have been pretty busy around here since the beginning March. My middle son turned 16 (where did the time go?) on the first. Inara kidded twin bucklings on the second. So of course bottle feeding began. Kaylee kidded twin bucklings on the 7th in a rather difficult delivery that had me struggling to get the first kid positioned right so he could come out.

All four together

The baby chickens arrived in the mail two days later.

Juggling milk times, bottle times, etc kept everything pretty busy.

Luckliy, the four bucklings found a home all together where they will be wethered and later when they are bigger, turned out to be company for a horse.

Kaylee is producing a gallon and a half of milk, Inara producing just shy of a gallon. Which of course means cheese! Made vinegar cheese the other day (it’s great spread on toast in the morning), and mozzarella today. Ricotta is on this evening.  Next up is Chevre and Feta.

Ended up with several of these balls of mozz tonight.

I’ve also been writing quite a bit and am now coming down to the finish line on Betrayed, the second book in the Raven Daughter series.

That’s what’s up at my place. How busy will your spring be?

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