New Release – Unveiled is Here!

Unveiled, the first book in my new Raven Daughter series is officially released into the wild in both e-book and paperback!


This has been the hardest release for me, though not because of the book itself. In the middle of January, everyone in my household, including me, came down with a terrible head and chest cold. Everyone was clogged and congested, lots of coughing was done, low grade fevers ran, multiple boxes of tissues used. I didn’t get much done on proofing during this time though I tried. My brain was fogged and I mainly laid around with everyone binge watching Star Wars Rebels while we all nursed our misery.

Finally came out of that, got the proofing finished, and then my husband had to go into the hospital with acute pancreatitis brought on by a bad gallbladder. He spent 7 days in the hospital, and since we live in the middle of nowhere, he of course had to be transferred to a larger hospital in the city, which is 120 miles from where I live.

I couldn’t stay up there the whole time because where my older two kids are almost 16, and newly turned 18, my youngest is only 9. So where I spent the days up at the hospital, I was driving back home at night. I have to say proud of my oldest, he did an excellent job of adulting in my absence.

So, in the midst of all of that, I had the release date for Unveiled approaching fast. Incredibly, I managed to still get everything done and now Unveiled is officially here.

Here is the blurb for Unveiled:

“There will be many hands against her, for almost as many reasons as there are hands.”

Thrust into a world she never knew existed, Jo discovers she’s anything but normal. She was born to be a reaper, but her father’s crimes have already stacked the deck against her and she must prove she deserves a place on that side of the veil.

When souls start disappearing from the rolls, she’s persuaded into making a decision that sends her away from her new home and into the company of the powerful and dangerous, Caius. It’s a journey that reveals the secrets of Jo’s full heritage. One that leaves her wondering who she can trust and struggling to stay alive.

An Excerpt

When I rounded the curve in the path, Caius was leaning against the railing in the same place he had the evening before. Well, that was a relief at least. Kind of. The stony expression told me he still wasn’t happy about any of this.

“Well join the club, buddy,” I whispered under my breath. Caius’s scowl deepened and I wondered if he’d heard me.

“It’s about time, Reaper. I was beginning to wonder if you were planning to actually show up. Do you typically keep people waiting?”

I sent him a venomous look. “First of all, I actually had duties to attend to. Not everyone gets to lounge around doing whatever it is you do all day. Second of all, I had to lie to not only my best friend, but also my guide. Thirdly—”

“Is this list going to be much longer?” he snarled.

“—since you have Superman control, surely you can control your impatience. Fourthly, I’ve had an epically bad day and I’m in no mood for your attitude.”

Without waiting for him to answer, I stalked around the end of the wrought iron railing until I reached the sandy shore. Glancing up to where he still stood on the bridge, I snapped, “Well, are you coming or not.”

I’m pretty sure I heard his teeth grind together and wondered if I possessed a death wish I wasn’t aware of. Was I trying to provoke him?  He finally joined me on the shore and, bonus, didn’t kill me when he did.


Get yours now at Amazon!


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