Not able to offer Pre-Order

I got my ebook files for Unveiled finished. Went to KDP and uploaded everything, but it wouldn’t let me set the pre-order option.  It said I was ineligible to use that function. So today I called Author Central and they put me through to KDP. And it was as I feared. The files for my last book weren’t uploaded in time (you have to have them uploaded in advance of the release date) and so my ability to set up pre-orders was suspended for a year.

As irritating as it is, I have to blame myself. I was using a design company and they consistently failed to get files to me in time for release. Every single time they got them to me just in time to upload with no time to proof them before release. This resulted in having to go back in and make corrections in both the text, and in some cases the formatting, or the time editing notes slipped through into the final product, and re-upload after the book had released. And because I was afraid of doing my own formatting, I continued to use them because formatting seemed a daunting task that I couldn’t possibly learn.

I finally decided to leave and go it alone in early December last year. And I’m glad I did. Not only did I learn that formatting was not the big bugaboo I thought it was, I learned I can do anything I put my mind to. I also learned to be more careful with who I trust, and when it comes to my writing and my books, to not accept unprofessional behavior for any reason.

At least now, when I release my books, the files will be as clean as I and my editor (who is not associated with the design company in any way) can possibly make them. And they will be done on time every time, and fully proofed before they are uploaded.

In talking to KDP, I found out that due to the files not being uploaded in time, my last pre-order was actually cancelled by KDP, which means any who ordered got their money back instead of receiving the book, which is unfair to my readers and makes me look unprofessional. Because it’s my name on those books, not the design company’s. Although technically they are listed in my previous books (at least until I can get all of them moved over to my own designs), people don’t see that. They see the author not getting things done and that is all.

So be careful who you choose to use if you need someone else to produce your book, be careful who you trust, listen to your gut, and if you do use one and they can’t get things done in a timely manner, then don’t hang around waiting for them to screw something like this up for you.

5 thoughts on “Not able to offer Pre-Order

  1. As a self-pub, unfortunately the best thing you can do is maintain control of your own destiny. While I know of several small publishers / companies who have their stuff together, are transparent, and look at things as a partnership, I know WAAAAAYYY more who are just out to make a buck off someone. Sorry you had this happen to you. 😦


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    So the great thing about the Con circuit is you meet some amazing authors. A.D. Trosper is a fantasy writer who is out of southern Kansas, and I share this as a cautionary tale for folks looking for external companies. Bottom line: Contracts, contracts, contracts, written in such a manner that if someone ends up screwing up your work to this degree they don’t get paid.


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