Halloween Traditions

While most people are gearing up for the Halloween holiday by creating or buying costumes, getting things ready to either trick or treat or receive trick or treaters, we are doing something different.

It started years ago when my oldest two boys decided they didn’t want to trick or treat anymore. They were around the ages of seven and nine and just didn’t want to anymore. They’ve never been big candy eaters and after eating a few pieces that night, a few the next day, the bags of candy would lay around practically untouched until we just threw them out. A couple of years later when my youngest was ready to trick or treat, he did it the first year and then wanted nothing more to do with it. We thought about handing out candy, but being the houseful of introverts that we are, who dearly love our privacy, that idea didn’t last long.

So it was time to start a new tradition to celebrate the holiday. Though we had never really decorated much for it, we started. Bats, spiderwebs with spiders hanging in them, Halloween themed roping around the windows, skeletons, etc. And it became a massive snack and binge day.

I spend the day before and the morning of making dips, cookies, and other foods. And then we spend the afternoon and Halloween night grazing at the snack table and binge watching movies and shows.

This year, the list of dishes is fairly long. The table will be weighted down with hot wings, bbq lil smokies, bacon wrapped lil smokies, spinach artichoke dip, cheese dip, Louisiana crab dip, seven layer dip, onion and chive dip, peanut butter cookies, snickerdoodle cookies, and a cheese ball. All home made goodness.


Happy Halloween everyone! I hope your holiday is full of fun and yumminess, however you celebrate it!

As for me, it’s time to settled down with my kids for our annual Resident Evil movie marathon.


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