Potato Soup

I posted about making potato soup the other day on social media and had several requests for the recipe. The first time I ever had potato soup it was at a little coffee shop and where it was just okay, I knew it could be so much better.  So I set about making my own. I’ve tweaked, added, and adjusted it until I have a potato soup I love. Now, the measurements on seasonings aren’t all exact, but I will do my best to give an idea of how much. Also, keep in mind that I cook for seven people, so the recipe is rather large. You may want to cut it down. Or maybe plan on having potato soup for lunch and dinner several days in a row, depending on how many are in your house.

Potato Soup


Roughly five pounds of red potatoes (russets are not good for this, I’ve tried using them) peeled and cut into small chunks

1/2 chopped red onion or so (depends on how onioney you want it. Sometimes we do half a red and half a yellow)

6 tablespoons flour

2 sticks butter (the real stuff)

2 – 12 ounce cans evaporated milk

Chopped fresh chives (lots of them)



1 Tablespoon parsley

1/2 teaspoon paprika

1/2 teaspoon garlic

(the measurements on the seasonings are guesstimates. I don’t measure them, I just know how much looks right)


How to Make it:

Add salt and pepper to the flour. Make sure you rinse your potato chunks, then put them and the chopped onion into a bowl and toss with the flour. In your pot on the stove, melt the butter. Once it’s melted, pour the floured potatoes and onions into the pot and stir to coat them with the butter. Add enough water to cover the potatoes, and add the chives. Stir to mix it all together, and bring to a boil.

It will look like this


When the potatoes are tender, add in the evaporated milk and stir to mix. Add in the other seasonings as well as more salt and pepper to taste. Then take a potato masher and mash up some of the potatoes to make it smooth (you don’t have to be real efficient at this, it doesn’t hurt for there to be some small chunks of potato). Turn the heat down and allow to simmer for a while (I don’t have an exact time for this step, maybe 30 minutes) stirring frequently to keep it from burning on the bottom. A heavy bottom pan helps too.

It will look like this


After it’s done simmering, serve it up with whatever you like in your potato soup. I like cheese and bacon in mine.


Happy eating!

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