A Debut Horror Novelette Just In Time For Halloween


The debut horror novelette from Jay Michael Wright II is available now for preorder and only costs $1.99.

When two friends decide to throw an impromptu New Year’s Eve celebration in the abandoned Bryce Asylum in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Mike stumbles upon a dark family secret that descends him into the darkness of a Hellish living nightmare. The “abandoned” asylum isn’t near as empty as it first appeared. The spirits of the forgotten have awakened, and they cry out for the injustices they faced in life. Worse than that, a fiendishly wicked nurse and her orderlies still patrol the halls, looking for new victims to inflict their own special kind of “treatment” upon.

Every hallway looks the same. Every turn brings Mike face to face with a new horror. Can he escape his family’s past and survive the night, or is the nurse destined to make him yet another sacrifice to her cruel intentions?


His eyes darted around the bare walls of the empty room. Empty but for a naked baby-doll hanging from the end of a noose in the center of the room. The note taped to the doll offered little explanation: Mommy, I’m sorry

“Jesus fucking Christ. What the hell happened in here?”

The button on the side of the flashlight clicked and the light shut off. He jumped and the flashlight clacked against his palms as he tried to catch it. After a minute of uncoordinated juggling, the flashlight fell from his slippery grasp.

“Oh fuck!” He knelt to search for the light. Minutes turned into eternities as he ran his hands along the pitch black floor. His heart thumped in his head and he couldn’t tell if the screams in his ears were his or someone else’s. The flashlight hummed as it rolled away from him. He trapped it against the wall and finally flicked it on with his trembling hands.

A young, strawberry-blonde girl with ringlet curls, no more than eight years old appeared, standing on a stool in the center of the room in place of the doll. The noose was now draped around her neck.

This isn’t real, Mike repeated to himself as the girl locked eyes with him.

“Suicide is the easy part,” she mumbled. “It’s the eternity in Hell that’s hard.”

Without waiting for his response, she leapt off the stool. The rope pulled taut, and the girl’s neck snapped like a tree branch in a thunderstorm. Her tiny black dress shoes swung to within inches from Mike’s face.


Interested? Click here to order on Amazon or please, click here to support the thunderclap for the project. (Thunderclaps simply have any media you choose–facebook, twitter, or tumbler–and will post an advertisement for the release on Oct 31st, the release date). Thunderclap is very safe and is spam free. It’s simply showing support for the artist and helping them reach more people.

About the Author:

Jay Michael Wright II is an Alabama native and an author of many genres: horror, sci fi, and fantasy. “Where Old Acquaintances Be Forgot” is his debut novelette but has several anthologies to look forward to in the near future PLUS two novels on the way which have been signed to publishing companies.

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