Homemade Bread Recipe

Okay, things finally settled down long enough (and I finally quit working on my next book long enough) to post the bread recipe numerous people asked for. It’s quite simple and easy to make.




Yes, I know, there is a small air bubble at the top, still better than store bought bread.

Yes, I know, there is a small air bubble at the top, still better than store bought bread.





1/3 cup warm water

1 package yeast (I prefer Fleischmann’s but use which ever floats your boat)

2 tablespoons sugar (I use the raw sugar)

2 teaspoons salt ( I use Himalayan pink)

2 tablespoons oil (I use sunflower, olive, or coconut oil)

2 cups warm milk (I use goat milk, obviously)

5 cups flour + 1 for kneading in (I use unbleached, unbrominated flour)


Put warm water in a bowl, add yeast, sugar and salt (it really does work better to add the yeast to the water rather than the water to the yeast) and stir until it’s all dissolved. Then add oil and milk, and stir. Add three cups flour and mix. Add 4th cup of flour, mix well. Once its mixed, stir for five minutes. I’m serious, you need to stir it for five minutes. Yes your arms will get tired (unless you make it on regular basis like we do and then you will get used to it), stir for five minutes anyway. It helps the glutens get all gluteney. The dough will be smooth and stretchy when the five minutes is up. Once that’s done, add 5th cup of flour and mix in.

Sprinkle the last cup of flour on your kneading surface (I put wax paper down) and turn dough out on the flour. Then knead for a bit. I’m not sure exactly how long. I may have known the exact time for this at one time, but I now I just know when it’s right. Put some oil in the bowl you mixed in, return the dough ball to the bowl and turn to coat with oil. Get a towel damp with hot water, I use flour sack towels because they are the best for this kind of thing. Place towel over bowl and put the bowl someplace warm.

When dough has risen to twice its original size or thereabouts, take it out of the bowl, give it a quick knead, cut the dough in half, form into loaves, and place into buttered pans (real butter, not that nasty fake stuff), and let rise until dough reaches top of pan. Then put into preheated 350 *F oven and bake until golden brown. With my oven it’s 35 minutes, your mileage may vary depending on your oven. When the bread is done, take it out and turn it out of the pans onto a cooling rack. Make sure it is completely cool before bagging or it will sweat inside the bag.

Happy eating!

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