How to write…or not to write?

I keep seeing articles on the internet about how to write and their opposites, how not to write. Some are full useful information, some are full of garbage, and some have a sprinkling of wise advice.

I’ve read most of them mainly as idle, passing interest in the way others do things and it got me thinking. Most of these articles proclaim their way as the best way, and even sometimes as the only way. But I have discovered that the only best way to write, is however you write.

The best way to write is simply do it. Have a passion for your story and your characters and then sit down and put words to paper. That’s pretty much the best way to write. Yes learning why some things work and some don’t, and why sometimes the don’ts (is too a word) work when everyone says they shouldn’t, is a good thing to do. But becoming so wrapped up in the how and how nots, tends to lead to having to sort out all of the contradictory advice and which takes away from writing time. The one thing all of the articles across the internet and everywhere else do agree on; the best way to write is to do it.

How not to write? Spend all of your time reading how to do it instead of actually doing it. Yes, there will be technical stuff you have to fix, there will be plenty of things that have to be worked on, but they can’t be dealt with if you haven’t written it. You can’t edit a blank page.

So if you are just starting out, my advice is: quit worrying about the rules, quit trying to figure out someone else’s magic formula to book writing and just do it. Discover your own formula for finishing a book. Maybe you write everyday. Maybe you only write when you feel like it, or when medical conditions allow it, that’s okay, this isn’t a race. Rules, yes they are good to know, yes they can be broken, feel free to learn what, why, and how. Just don’t obsess over them. No one writes a perfect first draft, or second draft.


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