It’s a busy time of year, but sometimes I just have to pause

I haven’t blogged much lately. As those who have followed me for a bit know, this is a busy time of year for me. I have a giant, jungle of a vegetable garden to keep up with and all of the canning that goes with it. Yesterday I pulled 30 pounds of produce from it and of course all of that has to be corralled into jars and ran through the canner. There is at least that much if not more that will be ready to pick by tomorrow.

I also make all of the bread for the household by hand, which needs to be done about every other day in order to keep up with ravenous locusts that are my teenagers.

And of course there is milking to be done twice a day. And yesterday, hooves that needed trimmed. Stalls need to be cleaned regularly and the barn cleaned up.

Add into that mix the fact I am working on three different novels at the same time. One is the first book in a new YA supernatural/paranormal series. One is the 4th Dragon’s Call book. And the other is the companion novel for the Dragon’s Call series, which will explore the twenty year time gap between where Ashes ended and the Epilogue began.

But, recent events in the world outside my little homestead and writing life have prompted me to come back to my blog. I’m not going to speak about all of the killing, here and overseas. I’m not going to delve into the videos or motivations or any of that, because quite frankly all of it is already being talked into the ground at length everywhere else.

So in an internet world where social media and news outlets are inundated with graphic videos full of screaming, LOTS of talking head “experts” who spew their opinions everywhere, death, and carnage, I bring cute goats to an internet connection near you. And maybe some flowers because flowers are pretty.


Kaylee getting treats, with Inara hanging out close to get some too.


River and Inara (took forever to get far enough away to get this pic since they both wanted to get close for pets and to investigate my phone)


Relaxing in the shade


Pickles in the pot waiting to reach boil, and then in their jars after time spent in the canner (with a jar of homemade salsa photobombing)



Eggs and produce coming in one morning


Shasta Daisies blooming pretty


Sasha the barn kitty


Sun kissed rose



Homemade bread, sliced and ready for eating



My writing corner, all cozy and ready for me to write. The place where I truly escape the real world and travel to my own.



I hope you enjoyed taking a break from everything that’s going on to explore the simple pleasures that are my life during the summer months. It’s all a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. I hope you find beauty in your world to look at and focus on today.

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