Sometimes the world makes me sad

Actually, it has happened a lot lately. I’ve thought about blogging and then wasn’t sure what to say. Then today I was reading various new articles and made the mistake of reading the comments under them. It saddens me to see so much hate and fear in the world. While I was reading all of that, this formed in my mind so I wrote it down. Perhaps not the best poetry in the world, in fact I know it isn’t. But still, maybe it is worth reading by more than me, so I will post it here as well.


How would you treat me?

If I was an Atheist,

If I was a Pagan,

If I was a Christian,

If I was a Muslim,

If I was white,

If I my skin was dark,

If I had an abortion,

If I was gay,

If I felt I was born in the wrong body,

If there were no laws governing your actions,

how would you treat me?


Would you treat me like a fellow human,

a person real and whole?

Would you strike me down,

because the color of my skin?

Would you hate me and mine,

because your religion told you to?

Would you cast me aside,

because I don’t live exactly as you do?

If there were no laws to hold you back,

how would you treat me?

Would you lose your own humanity,

in your effort to prove I that had none?

Would you cast aside the morals of your religion,

to punish me for mine?

Would you damn your own soul,

because you believe that mine already is?


Or would you see the divisions,

for what they truly are?

Would you see the barriers between

are built by our own hands?

Would you see me as you see you?

Would you defend me against those who don’t?

If there were no consequences to your actions,

no prices to be paid,

how would you treat me?


What if you were blind and couldn’t see

the burka I was wearing,

or the cross around my neck,

the color of my skin,

the pentagram on my wrist?

I wonder what it would be like,

if you didn’t know you were supposed to hate me,

if you’d grown up without that fear.

Then I wouldn’t have to ask,

how you would treat me?

~ A.D. Trosper

5 thoughts on “Sometimes the world makes me sad

  1. Sadly in this day and age with all the hate out there it is relighting to see that you could put into words exactly how a lot of us feel. Thank-you


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