An Eggsperiment

Last summer, our chickens went into egg laying overtime. We had one fridge completely full of cartons and several more cartons in another fridge. Eggs were everywhere. No sooner did we get some cleared out then more filled in the vacant spots.

We had read they could be frozen for cooking. Deciding this was a good idea, we began. Two eggs, beat up, to a small ziplock, laid flat to freeze, then stacked. Many, many eggs were stored this way. We figured they could be used during holiday baking.

However, the hens kept up a good pace right up to the holidays, so there was no need to get out the frozen eggs. Right as we approached Christmas though, the hens finally decided that a break would be nice and egg production dropped off significantly. Probably had something to do with the days getting shorter as well.

Suddenly, our endless egg supply was gone. Not forever, and even now we are still getting a trickle of eggs. That trickle cannot begin to keep up with the needs of a family of seven that has bacon and eggs every morning for breakfast though and no one in the house will touch eggs from the store.

What about all the eggs we froze? Everything we’d read said they were good to use for cooking. We decided to see how using them for scrambled eggs would work and pulled several packages out of the freezer to thaw.



Hmmm, they looked a little strange after thawing. What the heck, they have to be used now, might as well move forward.

I dumped the eggs together in a bowl and whisked them a bit. I wish I had taken a pic of this part because quite frankly I was starting to have some doubts. What was in the bowl looked…weird and unlike any kind of whisked eggs I’d ever seen. Their color was all wrong, kind of pinkish. Still, they were thawed and out of their packages. They had to be used and I wasn’t about to waste them. In the pan they went.

As they started to cook, they took on the strangest texture. If applesauce and pudding ever had a love child, this would be the result. I began to have serious doubts. Until more cooking happened and I started to see bits that had the color and texture I was familiar with.

eggs in pan

And then they were done. The color still isn’t the same as fresh eggs, but color was the least of my worries. Being the mom, it’s my job to taste test this experiment before subjecting my family to it. I warily took a bite. To my surprise, they tasted like scrambled eggs, even the texture was right.


On the plates it went and everyone happily scarfed them down with nary a complaint.


Conclusion: next summer when the eggs take over the fridge, I’m going to scramble and entire dozen and place into a larger ziplock for the making of winter scrambled eggs.

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