Disliking February

February is not my favorite month and this year its shaping up to my most disliked month ever.  It has always been my least creative month and right now it feels like a month of waiting. Waiting for spring, waiting for gardening, waiting for ACX to approve audio files, waiting for the cover for my newest book. That last in no way reflects my designers, they are working just fine within the agreed upon timeline. It just reflects my total lack of patience right now.

I have fence to move, a garden that needs tilled, and million other outside things I want and need to do. Can I do them? No I can’t, because it’s freaking February. Because despite my longing for spring, there is snow blowing around outside on a strong north wind. Not enough snow to accumulate and play in either. Nope, just enough to fly around and accentuate the fact that it’s cold and dreary outside. Enough to let me know mother nature is sticking her tongue out at me as if saying, “It will be spring when I damn well say it is and you can just wait impatient one.”

With several irons out of the fire and “curing” I should be writing on one of the irons still in the fire. Or doing something useful with myself. Maybe it’s the weather, but today especially, I’m restless and unable to settle at anything. Not that I’ve been resting on my laurels. Two loaves of fresh, home made bread are cooling on the rack and an apple pie is currently filling the house with the smell of its baking goodness. Even so, I feel like I’m just stuck spinning my wheels while I wait for February to get over with. So spring can arrive. So my newest book can release, so the garden can be tilled, the fence be moved, rose bushes moved, more fence put up, the chicken yard expanded, and the million other things can be done.

However, whine as much as I want, it doesn’t change the fact that this month will move at the same pace it always has. Spring will get here when it gets here. All things will have their time. And I will be here, impatiently waiting for this month to move on.



2 thoughts on “Disliking February

  1. Do you realize JANUARY IS OVER? And February will be over soon and then we will all be saying when did it become December and holy crap now it’s 2017. Don’t wish away a month. While you are being impatient…mother nature is secretly preparing the earth 😀

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