Happy Holidays Book Giveaway!

The holidays are upon us, cold weather is creeping in, families are getting together, people are spending their time hiding in the closet with a glass of wine in their effort to avoid batty Aunt Edna. Families are gathered around tables pretending to like food they really don’t. Diet plans are being crushed under the weight of pie, and cookies, and FUDGE (okay so maybe that last is just me). Cats are gleefully destroying carefully decorated trees. Dogs are being “helpful” by chewing open presents. And everyone has had just about as much holiday music and crowded stores as they can handle (unless you did like me and shopped online while sipping coffee and relaxing in your pajamas). In a few short days wrapping paper will be flying and one again too much food will be eaten, chaos and mayhem will take over living rooms, and then likely more food will be eaten. Everything is hectic and crazy right now.

But, soon it will all pass by and the new year will arrive along with much colder weather. What better way to relax and unwind after the holidays than with a good book?

Here’s your chance to win something to settle down with. Paperbacks, e-books, and audio books are up for grabs.

I’m doing things a bit different than most, for one I’m not using Rafflecopter because I’ve grown to dislike it.

So here’s the deal. To enter; tweet the tweet I’ve provided below. Copy the url of your tweet and paste it into the comments and tell me which prize you want the most and why.  At the end of the contest I will put a number to each comment/entry (one thru however many there are) and then I will let Random.org decide the winners. If you decide to tweet again (or share on FB or another social media site) come back and post the url to that in another comment. Each time you do, you will get another number added to your name, increasing the odds Random.org will choose one of your numbers.

I will run numbers for each prize, so if in the comments you tell me you would rather win an audio book, or maybe you don’t have a Kindle, or maybe you don’t read paperbacks anymore, or hate audio books, or maybe you don’t like fantasy but love YA Paranormal (or the other way around) then I will only run the numbers for those who are interested in each particular prize. That way no one gets stuck with a prize they don’t want.

Contest ends Dec 31st, 2015!

And of course, if you would like to sign up for my newsletter, here is the link: Newsletter

Here is the tweet, simply copy and paste into Twitter:

RT Holiday Book Giveaway! Ebook, audio and signed paperback. Enter today!  



And now for the prizes


For the fantasy and dragon lovers:

Blog pic







A complete, signed, set of the Dragon’s Call trilogy. (paperbacks)

A complete set of the Dragon’s Call e-books (this set will include the short prequel, not shown)

The first two audio books in the Dragon’s Call series (third book will be released in audio sometime in February).


Need a closer look at them? Read the description and reviews, starting with Embers, HERE


For those that enjoy young adult paranormal:










A signed copy of Bound by Time (the second book in the Bound series will release in the spring)

A Kindle copy of Bound by Time.


Want to take a closer look? Find the description and reviews HERE





27 thoughts on “Happy Holidays Book Giveaway!

    • I had to edit the post and put it after I posted so I would have the url. The tweet is there now, but here it is just in case you still aren’t seeing it:

      RT Holiday Book Giveaway! Ebook, audio and signed paperback. Enter today!http://bit.ly/1RKPUOT #fantasy #paranormal #dragons #angels


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