Never Grow Up

Neil Gaiman said this: Never grow up


And he was right. Absolutely become an author (or a singer, dancer, musician, astronaut, pilot, whatever) and never believe that you can’t or that it’s impossible. But never grow up. Because if you fully grown up, you will lose your I-spark (Imagination, Innovation, and Inspiration).

This blog post is for all the young ones out there that are aspiring to become their dream. And for any adults who have lost the path.

When one becomes an adult they are set on a quest path toward their dreams. However, like any quest, there are often side quests and achievements that you have to complete in order to keep moving forward on the main quest. These side quests are things like paying bills, doing the laundry, and buying groceries. These have to be completed and periodically repeated. However, always be on guard and ever watchful because in these side quests lurks a sly, evil monster called a Mundania. It blends with the shadows and is always unseen. It waits until the monotony of these side quests sets in and then, when you are unaware, it strikes.

The Mundania will begin to destroy your I-spark by slowly eating away at the magic inside you that powers it. If it takes it all, you will end up with an over-practical and jaded view of life. You must not let that happen, otherwise you are in serious danger of losing your quest path.

So, as you go through these side quests, don’t forget to feed the child in you. Make time to binge watch Firefly or Doctor Who. Indulge in Star Trek and Lord of the Rings. Watch cartoons and Disney movies. Enjoy conventions, wear cosplay, play video games, buy Star Wars and Halo toys, and get plastic lightsabers just because.

Also, the friends you choose will become your companions on this quest, so choose them wisely. These are the people you will have lightsaber fights with, cosplay with, and spend a weekend eating pizza and watching Firefly with. And I say again, choose them carefully. During your quest you will come across some who will have already been taken over by the Mundania and they will be working for it without even realizing it. You can spot them if you know what to look for. They will tell you that you need to grow up more, they will scoff at your favorite shows, roll their eyes when you talk about a convention, and tell you to stop wasting time on your dream. Do not let them get to you.

Stay true to your quest path and don’t let the side quests and achievements distract you so much the Mundania gets you.

If you are a grown up who has had his, or her, I-spark stolen and wants it back, begin doing those things that feed the inner child. Thrown some grown up to the wind and find the magic in the world around you again. Each time you do, you will get some of it back and will move ever closer to your quest path again until your feet are firmly on it.

Safe questing!


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