Dragon’s Call Giveaway Winners!


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Thank you to all who entered and/or shared my 4th of July Dragon’s Call giveaway. I numbered the entries 1 thru 23, only counting the comments not the reblogs or pingbacks. This gave everyone one entry. I then set the max number on Random.org at 23 and let it decide who had won what starting with the paperbacks and then working my way to the audios. I’m sincerely grateful to Random.org for making such a wonderful thing available. There is no way I could have chosen any on my own from all of the wonderful comments in the entries. It was much easier to number the entries, let Random.org pick six numbers and then go back to the list and see who it had picked.

Here is how your entries were numbered


Entry numbers


And without further ado, the winner of the first set of signed paperbacks is:


First set of paperbacks


The second set of signed paperbacks goes to:


second set of paperbacks


The first set of e-books goes to:

Alex Tempest

First set of e-books


The second set of e-books goes to:


Second set of e-books


Now for the audio books. Since I’m aware that not everyone is into audio books, the winners of these can choose between an audio book or the e-books.


First audio goes to:

David Mulholland

First audio


And the second winner of the audio is:

Emily Hardy

second audio

Again, thank you all for entering! Please contact me at a.d.trosper@gmail for your prizes. Those who won paperbacks, I will need your shipping address. For those who won e-books I will need an email address to send them to.  And those who won the audio I will need you to contact me so I can give you the code so you can download it off Audible. Unless you would rather have the e-book if you prefer reading over listening, then I will need to be able to to send you the e-book.

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