Cover Reveal—Kraken War by Hannah Stennbock

Blue Harvest Creative

We are excited to reveal our cover for Kraken War by BHC Author Hannah Steenbock. Kraken War is the second book of the eight book Cloud Lands Saga—a high-fantasy series featuring a strong heroine, dragons, krakens,  and more!

Kraken War by Hannah Steenbock

Front cover for eBook and Trade Softcover—Available May 20, 2015


Dorelle’s warning came just in time. Now the Kraken War begins. To rid the Western Kingdom of the aggressive beasts and to protect the fishermen, Dorelle and the Crown Prince Orlen are given five Dragon Wings and joint command for the task. What they don’t know is that treachery is already brewing in one of the Wings. The war starts poorly, decimating the Wings.

When two of the five Wing Commanders vanish, the company is further weakened, dictating drastic measures. As the fighting reaches a new level of intensity, will the dragons and their riders be able to overcome the dangers that surround them? Be…

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