A Touch of Spring

While those in the NE are getting pounded by winter, here in Kansas we enjoyed an 80 degree day. It was in the low 70’s yesterday and suppose to be in the 70’s again tomorrow. Three beautiful days of sunshine and warmth. Yes, it’s going to get chilly again and we even have a small chance for some snow by this weekend. But for now, I’m outside absorbing vitamin D, enjoying my flip flops, and working the garden beds over in preparation for real spring. 

We did however plant five beds of peas today. They won’t mind the colder temps still to come. Then when they have spent all of their energies and pea harvest comes to a close, the beds can be cleaned out readied for warmth loving vegetables. 

It was even nice enough to fill up the geese pool today. After a long stretch of nothing to swim in because everything was frozen solid, they were extremely happy. Much splashes and cavorting was done.

Winter will close in again (still hoping for early spring) but for now it’s beautiful. The house if full of fresh air as the breeze blows through the open windows.

In writerly type news, Ashes and Spirits draws ever closer to its release date and I grow ever more nervous. I can’t help it. I get this way every time before a release date. I think if I ever get to the point where I feel I’m so good there’s no need to be nervous then I will have reached a point where I should quit writing.

I continue to work hard on the next Bound book. I’m enjoying writing it and it helps keep my mind off the fact that Ashes will soon be a real live book that everyone can read.

Hope all is well with everyone. If you are suffering under winter’s temper right now, I’m sorry. Hopefully it passes soon and you too can enjoy a respite from the cold, even if it is brief.  

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