What Every Writer Feels After Completing A Novel

This exactly because Ashes and Spirits is FINISHED!

She Writes With Love


You’ve done it. Those two glorious words all writers yearn for have been typed at last:  ‘THE END.’ How does it feel? Momentous, awesome, and a little bit heartbreaking? Yep. It happens to the best of us. Even though we strive so hard to get to that finish line, once we reach it part of us is always devastated. The adventure is done, the characters’ stories wrapped up and finalized. There’s no more fun to be had with them. No more scenes to write, humorous dialogue to craft, daring escapes to dream up. Once those two little words are written, the business end of the craft (beta-readers, editing, marketing, etc) becomes reality and the fun is essentially over. But don’t fret, it’s all just part of the process!

Here’s the lowdown on how it feels to be a writer at that golden finish line, out of breath and exhausted and…

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