Authors Caught in the Middle

Okay, yes I know, blogging twice in one day. What the heck is wrong with me? Well honestly I thought I was done talking about this whole Hatchette/Amazon thing, but I guess I’m not. Why? Because I’m tired of Hatchette author urging indies to side with them like it will somehow help us. I’m tired of Amazon now doing the same. I’m tired of the ranting and whining and general fit throwing about the poor Hatchette authors caught in the middle. About how horrible Amazon is because they took away the pre-order button or aren’t offering many of them for sale and waaaa, waaaa, waaaaa.

Guess what Hatchette authors, indie authors already know all about that because book stores have been refusing to carry CreateSpace imprint books for quite some time now. Did any of you take notice of that? Did any of you care? Do you even care now? No, you don’t. It isn’t your problem is it? But somehow the world is ending because one distributor is ignoring your books. Suck it up.

Guess what, your issues with your publisher who is having trouble with one of their distributors aren’t my problem either. See, us lowly indie authors have a whole host of other issues we have to deal with that you never do, so forgive us if we don’t really care if Amazon isn’t selling your books right now. You want it changed, you bring up with your publisher.


And Amazon, while you are ranting about how horrible Hatchette is because they won’t lower e-book prices and how e-book prices should be kept lower to benefit the reading populous, have you not noticed the legions of indie authors filling up the ranks of books on KDP? Did you forget we were there in your negotiations with Hatchette? You must have. But then when you did remember us it wasn’t with the idea that it doesn’t really matter if Hatchette fell off the face of the Earth. No it was the idea that you could somehow convince us to charge into the war with Hatchette with you.

Guess what, no dice. Because in the end, you will do what you will do with total disregard of the indies. Hatchette will demand and do as it will do regardless of indies and in some case regardless of whether or not its even good for their own authors. But where trad authors tend to feel that they have their publishing house to go to bat for them when they need, indies know good an well that we are on our own and that is how we intend to stay.

So Hatchette authors, quit trying to draw indies into this like it somehow matters to us, quit crying about Amazon taking away buttons and such. Quit whining about the evils of Amazon at the same time you decry them for not selling you. Indie authors don’t care. We’ve been ignored and excluded by and from more stores and author organizations than you can shake a stick and yet here we all are still. So get over yourselves. You’ll live.

Amazon, quit trying to draw indies into your business negotiations like it somehow matters to us, quit pretending indies don’t exist except when it suits your needs.

And Hatchette…I actually don’t even have anything to say to you because you have no meaning to me.

End of rant, now I’m done.



5 thoughts on “Authors Caught in the Middle

  1. Indie authors aren’t alone if they are a BHC Author because we aren’t just book designers, we partner with our authors, answer questions, and act like the trad publishers should but don’t.


  2. Reblogged this on Lexy Wolfe and commented:
    This is stated so well and eloquently, I have little else to offer than, “Not my circus. Not my monkeys.” I’ve plenty of monkeys to herd through my own circuses, and if Amazon wants to get tiffy because I don’t want join their circus, there are other outlets willing to have me, it would just require a bit more work to get word out.


  3. Daniel B. Royer @DanielRoyer6
    I’m pulling my e-book from Amazon’s KDP. Due to contract restrictions, I won’t be able to re-publish til 12/04/2014. E-BOOK ONLY! #HATCHETTE
    Knowing my royalties are being effected, can I really continue to support Amazon KDP, I’m afraid not. I contacted KDP, regarding my contract with them, this was their response.
    “Hello Daniel,
    I hope you are having a great day! Thanks for reaching out to KDP Support and providing me the opportunity to help you.
    I see that you have removed the Kindle title “Secrets of the Egoles’ Nest” from sale. Also, I checked our records and found that your KDP Select enrollment for this Kindle book ends on December 4, 2014.
    If you would like to have your Kindle title removed from KDP Select but would like to have your book made available for purchase on Amazon Kindle Store, please write back to us confirming the same and we’ll have the issue forwarded to the relevant team and check if it is possible to remove this Kindle book, from KDP Select.
    I hope this helps. Thanks for using Amazon KDP!”


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