True Crime New Release Spotlight—Landed On Black by Zach Fortier

Blue Harvest Creative

Award-winning true crime writer Zach Fortier was a cop for 30 years. His books are raw, gritty, and delve deep into the truth about law enforcement. “Landed On Black″ is no exception. We created our complete book design to match the intensity of the stories he writes.

“The streets don’t lie. If your eyes are opened to the reality of what is going on around you, you may become paranoid as well. It’s up to you: eyes open or eyes closed.”

Landed on Black is about the reality that every cop comes to realize. After you have been on the job long enough, you realize that nothing is what it seems. Your circle of people that you can trust…really trust, gets smaller every year and you start to question your own sanity. Could everyone you know really be this messed up?

Is it really possible that you missed all the…

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