My First Video Interview

I had my first video interview via skype (first time I’ve ever used Skype as well) last week with Acresbooks, a website dedicated to bringing readers and authors together one video interview at a time.

I was really, really nervous the whole time and so ended up sounding like an idiot, but the interviewer was great and it was a lot fun. And my camera wasn’t straight ahead so I’m not actually looking at the camera most of the time because I was looking at my computer screen where the interviewer was.

Even with all of that, if you’re interested in watching the interview you can either watch the imbedded video below or go to Acresbooks and watch it there.

8 thoughts on “My First Video Interview

      • HI Sel Edor,
        1000 and a half thanks for your reply.
        I’m running a Windows 8 machine, quite new. Browser is Google Chrome. All updates installed today and ready to go.
        Picture is fine; just no damn sound on her channel! I hear him, but not her? Must be crazy, screwed up gremlins in my system who have a channel right hatred. Never had it before. Any tips????
        Grateful for feedback.


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