#CelebritySaturday with Guest Star A.D. Trosper! @adtrosper


Hello Audra! Thanks so much for joining us here on LMC! In March, you released the first book of your new series: Bound by Time! Today we’ll talk both series. Take it away, Audra!

AD 1

  1. Bound by Time doesn’t seem like your average Girl Next Door story. Tell us about Isobel and Damien, and a little about the series!

No it isn’t the typical girl next door.  Isabel has inherited magic within her that she’s terrified of because she believes it killed her mother. A mother she barely knew, but her mother none the less. Her magic is for a reason and that reason wants her dead.

Damien has moved into the house next to hers just before she comes back from college and he’s no ordinary guy next door either. Damien too has special powers and his purpose in life is to keep Isobel alive and help her come to…

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