Posted in May 2014

Give The Gift Of Romance For Mother’s Day!

For Mother’s Day weekend, Bound by Time will be on sale for only .99 ! Don’t miss out on the chance to grab this book at a great price!    It’s her destiny to break the seal and his to keep her alive… Isobel Moore is looking forward to spending her summer break alone while her … Continue reading

My First Video Interview

I had my first video interview via skype (first time I’ve ever used Skype as well) last week with Acresbooks, a website dedicated to bringing readers and authors together one video interview at a time. I was really, really nervous the whole time and so ended up sounding like an idiot, but the interviewer was … Continue reading

Turkey Legs? I Don’t Think So

As you all know I recently attended the Great Plains Renaissance Festival. As per the usual ren fest food offerings, there were turkey legs which people carried around as they munched on them. And I wondered, why turkey legs? Well sure we all have the image of the pompous lord or king chowing down on … Continue reading

#CelebritySaturday with Guest Star A.D. Trosper! @adtrosper

Originally posted on LMC:
Hello Audra! Thanks so much for joining us here on LMC! In March, you released the first book of your new series: Bound by Time! Today we’ll talk both series. Take it away, Audra! Bound by Time doesn’t seem like your average Girl Next Door story. Tell us about Isobel and…