You May Be A Writer When…

Pen Possessed


  1. You hold conversations with people no one else can see.
  2. You talk about fictional characters as though they were human.
  3. You laugh, cry, or yell at words on a page.
  4. You wake up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea and actually get up to write it down.
  5. You always have pen and paper on you.
  6. You panic if you do not have pen and paper on you.
  7. Your confidence ranges from “I can conquer the world” to “I don’t deserve to live.”
  8. One bad review can ruin your whole day.
  9. Receiving one good review has you dancing about like your starring in a Broadway musical.
  10. You constantly narrate your own life inside of your head.
  11. Nothing is more frightening than the idea of getting writer’s block halfway through a great story.
  12. You mourn the death of every fictional character who has passed.
  13. You kill people for…

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