Shhhhh, Do You Hear That? Do You Feel It Coming?



The wind is blowing out of the north at a sustained 25 mph and gusting to 32 mph.  There is a snow storm bearing down on my location as I type this. The high today is 32. Not bad. Tomorrow the high for my location is forecasted to be 17 *F.  17 is also supposed to be the high for Monday.

In spite of the current weather and in spite of the fact it’s only January 4th, when I’m outside I can hear it coming. I can feel it in the days that are already growing longer.

Spring is coming.


Seed catalogs are already arriving in the mail. Garden and canning planning are already underway in my house.









Last summer I sold off all of my livestock. I now find that I wish I hadn’t, especially the chickens. We are now anxiously awaiting the first arrival of chicks at our local farm store. I miss the chickens, I miss having our own eggs. Yes there are people we can purchase them from and yes its actually a little cheaper to do it that way. I don’t care. I want my chickens back.

  egg basket

So while the winter weather holds us firmly in its grasp and bites at us with the bitter cold teeth of the wind, I smile at it because I can feel spring coming. In my minds eye I can see the garden already planted and young hens clucking in their pen. I smell the blooming honeysuckle on the icy wind and sense the warmth of spring in the weak sunshine of winter.

rain drop

I love winter, I love the snow. But after the holidays are over, I turn toward the next season with anticipation. One thing I love about living out in the middle of nowhere like I do, is every trip into town (the term we use for the nearest town with 24 hour stores) allows me to fully appreciate the turning of the seasons.

Right now, the prairie is held firmly in winter’s grasp. The bare limps of the trees reach toward the sky like gnarled fingers. Dormant crop land lies brown and barren looking. Fuzzy coated cows bunch together for warmth.  The grasses of the prairie are painted in shades of brown, red, grey, and black. All is highlighted by the washed out light of the sun.

But soon, the pale sunlight will turn golden, vibrant green will wash over the prairie. Crops and early flowers will poke their heads above ground. The fuzzy coats of the cows will shed out on the wind and calves will romp alongside their mothers. The prairie transforms with each season and I love watching its progression.  For years we’ve have gardens and chicks and baby animals being born here on our place and we have learned to move with the seasons. To feel them coming.


So embrace the cold, embrace the season. Soon it will be changing. 🙂


* These pics were all taken by me around our place at one point or another over the past few years

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