Happy New Year and Reflections

2014 is officially underway. I meant to post yesterday but didn’t get the chance. My husband and I were ringing in the new year by fixing the bathroom sink. Exciting eh? Actually it is. I have detested the clunky looking, old sink we had in there since we first moved in ten years ago. Now I get a new sink! Woot! So yeah, it’s actually exciting for me.

I hope everyone had a wonderful new year and I hope 2014 graces all of my readers and author friends with much happiness and success.

In reflecting back over 2013, I have to admit, it was a really great year. Tears of War released and has done well. Embers found new life and has also done well. Both books came out in audio. Tears of War won Fantasy Book of the Year with Turning Pages. I wrote another book in a new genre. And at the very last of the year,  my Dragon’s Call characters let me in on some exciting things that are going to happen in Ashes and Spirits.

I was overwhelmed by the response to the Dragon’s Call series. I received messages and emails from fans of the books and quite a few good reviews. I am eternally thankful for both and for the readers who have found enjoyment in my books. I treasure each and every one of you more than you know and more than I can properly express.

I did take the entire month of December off from writing anything on Ashes and Spirits. After going through both audio books, I needed a break from that world. I worked on a different book and came up with a new idea for a new book down the road.

This break was extremely beneficial to both me and the characters. All of the characters took off on vacation. They lounged around on a white sand beach at a cute little cabana style hotel and sipped margaritas. I didn’t get to go, but they were happy to tell me all about it when they got back. Now, they are energized and full of scenes and ideas. I too am re-energized and ready to dive into finishing it.

The book I wrote last year that was in a different genre is a YA Paranormal Romance titled Bound by Time and will release in March.

Never fear my Dragon’s Call fans. I have something coming up in February for you. It’s nothing big, but it will help tide you over until Ashes and Spirits is released.

Looking forward to 2014, I am optimistic.  I have wonderful readers. I have several books that will be released, and for the first time ever, I will have a table set up at an event. I will be at the Great Plains Renaissance Festival in Wichita, Kansas in April at the Kansas Authors Pavilion.

I may also be attending a few other events.

Happy New Year everyone! May the sun shine on all of your endeavors this year and in those to come.

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