Lightsaber wars

It started with a simple bonk on the head. Which of course cannot go uncontested.


Okay, so they really weren’t lightsabers, they were empty wrapping paper tubes.


This morning my youngest and I engaged in a ferocious duel (if one can really laugh that much and still be ferocious) that ranged all around the living room. This excited the dogs and our duel was punctuated by Roxie’s barking as she leaped around on the couch, tail wagging.


The cacophony woke my two older boys. I turned around and there stood my oldest in the hallway. I yelled, “He’s awake, get him!” in a perfect battle roar. Both my youngest and I yelling and the dog barking we stampeded after my poor, unarmed oldest who fled to no avail to his bedroom.



My middle son got trampled by the dogs as they bounded on the bed and then he was bombarded in what could only be described as a totally unfair battle. Although to his credit, he was able to disarm my youngest in the midst of it and turn the tide. At some point, part of the end came off my tube, which gave me a short sword in addition to the longer piece.

luke lightsaber


With much hollering, laughing, and screaming the battle raged back and forth from the living room to their bedroom as people were disarmed and attacked only to regain the weapon and the upper hand.


Finally, when we were all out of breath and the ‘lightsabers’ were reduced to nothing but short floppy pieces, we called a draw.

Have I mentioned how much I love having boys. They’re so much fun. 🙂

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