Posted in December 2013

A Dryad Quartet Christmas

Originally posted on She Writes With Love:
Merry Christmas everyone! Last year I wrote this little Christmas short for The Dryad Quartet Special Edition and shared it with you all. Since it’s that time of year again, I’m posting it here on the blog for you to read 🙂 This story and all of The Dryad…

Tears of War is Now Available In Audio Format

  After waiting, and waiting, and waiting, it appears that Quality Control has decided my narrator and I controlled the quality well enough. Tears of War became available for sale on Audible this morning. Within a couple of days it will also be available through Amazon and iTunes. Looks like the elves worked over time … Continue reading

Lightsaber wars

It started with a simple bonk on the head. Which of course cannot go uncontested. Okay, so they really weren’t lightsabers, they were empty wrapping paper tubes.   This morning my youngest and I engaged in a ferocious duel (if one can really laugh that much and still be ferocious) that ranged all around the … Continue reading