The Fight For Christmas

Hosting this story on my blog for J.C. Shafer, for the AMMC Christmas Anthology

Genre: Fantasy
Author: J.C. Shafer
eBook: Yes
Dedication: To all the children separated from their families who are wishing for Christmas magic to find them.

holiday dragon

The Fight For Christmas

The bloodstained elf limped into the command post at Christmas town. “The far outpost has been breached “ He panted. “We have had to pull back to the stables. Without help I’m afraid we may lose Christmas town.”

Santa sprang into action calling all reserves to help. There had been countless attacks this past month since the evil Wizard of the north had decided that he could take Christmas Magic and use it for his own purposes. With true belief in Christmas Magic at an all time low he just might succeed this time.


Tommy choked back his tears and straightened his clothes as best he could before going inside. He did not want his foster mom to know he had been fighting. It was almost Christmas and he didn’t want to get sent back to the group home. He just knew that if he could spend one Christmas with a real family that Christmas Magic lost to him 6 years ago would come back.

That was his current problem. Ever since he let slip that he believed in all that was Christmas even Santa and the elves the kids at school had bullied him mercilessly. Try as they might he just could not denounce his belief. Breathing a sigh of relief that no one seemed to be around he slipped up to his room.


Santa in desperation used the magic mirror to contact his good friend the Wizard Merlin in the land of make-believe. “There is one chance” said Merlin. “We must find a true believer from the world. It is the only way to defeat the evil Wizard and the snow beast he controls.” He instructed Santa to bring an assortment of toys for him to look over. “Ah there is the ticket” he exclaimed. With a wave of his wand he sent an enchantment spell to a small green dragon. “Go search the world he instructed and find the true believer.”


After suffering through a quiet supper where Tommy was sure that one of the other foster kids was going to rat him out about his fight he was able to escape to his room.  Just as Tommy was starting to fall asleep and dream about his Magical Christmas there was a light tapping on his window. Opening it a bit to see what was there he was astonished to see a small dragon sweep into the room. “Tommy,” the dragon said. “As a true believer you must come with me now.”

Wow what a dream Tommy thought as he climbed on. Might as well go with it and see where it goes.

In two blinks of an eye they were landing in Christmas Town. After Tommy pinched himself a few times he began to wonder if this was real or just a very real dream. He heard a soft chuckle behind him and whirled around.

“No,” said Santa. “You aren’t dreaming Tommy.

“You know my name?” Tommy questioned.

”Oh I know a great number of names,” Santa said. “But especially those of you that still truly believe in the Magic of Christmas. Come in out of the cold, there is dire business to discuss.”

After Santa and Merlin filled Tommy in on what had been going on they entreated him to help.

“What can I do? I’m just ten.” Tommy said.

“Just take your dragon and fly to the front and do what comes naturally,” said Merlin.

Tommy was scared, what did he know about snow beasts and evil Wizards? Not wanting to disappoint Santa and Merlin though he called his dragon and took off.


The evil Wizard was gleeful. He was winning. Soon all the Magic would be his. He knew that if he waited long enough disbelief would overcome the world and weaken the strength of Christmas town and then he could turn all that jolly to his evil ways. Nothing could stop him now.

Tommy flew high over the pass trying to make plans. Finally, he knew what to do. Sweeping past the snow beasts he secretly landed in the evil Wizards lair. Using all of his stealth and giving quiet instruction to his little dragon he set about his work.

Landing back at Christmas town they waited. It was Christmas Eve. All was being readied for Santa in the hopes that the evil Wizard was indeed defeated by Tommy’s plan.


Suddenly there was a great gush of steam from the North all of the snow beasts were melting and filling the pass with a solid pack of ice and snow again. A long wail was heard as a streak of light shot back to the far northern reaches. The evil Wizard had been banished back to the dark.

Everybody cheered and wanted to know how Tommy had managed to defeat the Wizard. Tommy just smiled and said, “I just gave him Christmas.” Tommy had left a decorated tree, stockings, presents and even a dinner in the Wizard lair. Proof of true belief even in the face of adversity had been too much for him.

The little dragon dropped Tommy back off in his room in time to get a little sleep before he woke to realize it was Christmas and he had made it happen. He hadn’t had to spend it at the group home. Thinking about his dream the night before, he was sure that he would recapture the Magic that was Christmas.

Tommy hurried downstairs to find he was the first one up. There were presents and a stocking with his name on it. Running over to it he saw a small green dragon in to top. He burst into a laugh when it winked at him.

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