If Disney Villains Were Beautiful |

I have evil characters that are beautiful. Sadira and Oksana are both considered beautiful within my fantasy book. Even Azurynn is beautiful, though her eyes are strange. Beauty can harbor some terrible evil. Why does Disney have such trouble with this concept?

Lexy Wolfe

If Disney Villains Were Beautiful |.

While I love Disney most of the time, there are times that their social manipulation is… annoying.  Ugly is Bad.  Beauty is Good.  This is what gets ingrained in our children’s psyche.  At least the girls are curvy and not the anemic, carpenters’ dream models tend to be.

Imagine the depths of the stories if they just made characters look… real.  It isn’t what you see that defines them, but who they are that does.  What kind of a world we might have.

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