Writing – A Lot

So it occurred to me that I haven’t been around much in the last week or so. Where have I been? Well, I got viciously attacked by a story idea that would not leave me alone.

I started drinking gallons of sugared coffee, barely sleeping, and writing constantly. I wrote so much I even forgot to eat half the time unless my husband put food in front of me and reminded me that I should probably eat. It may be the first time ever that someone has actually lost a couple of pounds sitting still.


In fact, I wrote so much I actually completed the NaNoWriMo challenge in one week. Yes, you read that right. In exactly seven days (this includes the day I took off to recharge by spending the day reading and only a couple of hours writing) I wrote 50,031 words.


I took another day to read and then jumped right back into it and finished the first draft of the book three days later at 70,000 words.

I have to say, I will probably never top those word counts again. But I couldn’t not write. I was obsessed and after so much coffee, possibly a little manic.

But, I did get it done. And then I spent the next two days spending every moment making a second pass over the MS to add in things I knew I had left out in my frantic attempt to just keep up with the story as it flew at me.

In the way of those things, the word count didn’t change that much simply because there was almost as much to cut as there was to add. So the word count after the second pass came to 71,335.

Now it is with my mother (oh don’t groan, she is actually great at being honest about my writing) who has already been kind enough to point out places that needed fixed, although she isn’t done with it.  When she is, I will fix the things she found (although one was bugging her so bad that she called to tell me it was driving her crazy and I needed to fix it right then, which of course I did). Then I will print it off and read through it with my red pen in hand.

Then I can send it off to betas.

Why, my brain decided to skip over even light speed and go straight to Ludicrous Speed, I have no idea, Since my editor does have other books to work on (including one of mine that she’s already working on), this one still has to wait in line. But there was no convincing my writing mind of this.



And after hitting wall when the writing came to a sudden stop, I found I couldn’t sleep. I still felt keyed up, like I still needed to be writing the book, except I had finished it. To say I didn’t sleep well last night is an understatement.  So this morning, I felt something like this


And for those of you wondering, yes I am still writing on the third book of the Dragon’s Call series. No worries, that book will still be out on time.

And of course you have the second book in that series, Tears of War to look forward to that will be released September 13th. Which is only about three weeks away!


6 thoughts on “Writing – A Lot

  1. Wait, so…70000 words in ten days…that’s…7000 words a day…for ten days…urk…

    *Collapses, twitching

    On a completely unrelated note, I’ve just added a new book to my kindle. It’s something to do with a place with embers in it.


    • LOL, yes. My daily word count was off the charts. I doubt I ever reach those counts again. Actually, considering how exhausting it was (and freakishly exhilarating at the same time), I can’t decide if I wish I could write like that all the time or be thankful I can’t.

      I hope you enjoy the place with embers in it. 🙂


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