Guest Blog Post—Why Horror? By Natalie Gibson

Blue Harvest Creative

We are excited to welcome Author Natalie Gibson to our blog today. Week two of our celebrate #INDIEpendence event focuses on horror and science fiction. Settle back, get comfy and read on about why Natalie Gibson enjoys horror…be sure to join her at our Facebook event for a live author chat and enter our giveaways this month. Details at bottom of post.

Horror’s legacy is as old as humanity. We can trace the telling of monster and ghost stories back to ancient times. Almost every culture has their own tales of vampires, shapeshifters and even zombies starting before the written word. From pre-history to the Grimm fairytales to Paranormal Activity 3, horror has always been a part of the human experience. What is it about horror that we find so fascinating? There are many opinions on this. Is it possible that partaking of a little horror in life is good…

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