Celebrate #INDIEpendence: Week Two—Horror and Sci-Fi

Blue Harvest Creative

Welcome to week two of our Celebrate #INDIEpendence With Everyone at Blue Harvest Creative event

5 weeks, 14 genres, 18 authors—one awesome event!

All month-long we’ll be celebrating some of the best and brightest of the indie author world, offering awesome prizes, as well as fascinating insights into why it rocks to be an indie author. It’s an exciting time to self-publish!

Join us for live author chats, genre prize packs, trivia, games, and more. Each week  we’ll focus on specific genres and highlight some of the best authors who write it while giving back to our community of readers.  We’ll also be sharing blogs featuring our authors and Blue Harvest Creative—from inspirational blogs to learning about our authors and their genres to tips from Blue Harvest Creative—you’ll find lots of interesting stuff to read.


If terror is your thing or if…

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